Don’t put your router here! This is the most dangerous site

The location of the router is very important for it to work correctly and to have Wi-Fi throughout the house. But beyond having a good connection, it is also good in order to avoid security problems. Therefore, in this article we are going to talk about where should you never put the router at home. The goal is to prevent intruders that could affect wireless connectivity and cause continuous outages.

Keep in mind that it is more likely that steal your wifi the further it goes. That is, if the wireless connection is available to many neighbors and people who live near you, they will be more likely to try to launch password cracking attacks and gain unauthorized access to the network.

Do not put the router near the window

What we explained leads us to give a recommendation: avoid putting the router near a window. The same can be applied to a door or next to the wall that faces the street. The idea is to prevent the Wi-Fi network from being available to anyone passing by on the street or near your home.

If you have the router near a window, obviously the wireless connection will better get to the street that if you have it in an interior zone. The more access third parties have, the worse for your security. They could launch continuous attacks to try to figure out the password and give themselves more time to gain entry.

But, beyond the issue of security, it is not convenient for you to have a better connectivity. That is, if you have the router near the street, you will lose part of the signal. You are not going to take advantage of that coverage, since you do not connect on the street, but inside your home. Therefore, avoiding putting it in these places will also be positive for improving the wireless signal at home.

Where to put the router

So where do you have to place the router to avoid problems? Ideally, you should put it in a central zone of the house. From there it will be able to distribute the connection better, so that you can connect from multiple devices. You won’t have problems connecting your mobile from different rooms, a computer, a television… You’ll have better coverage.

It is also important that you keep him away from possible interference. For example, do not put the router near devices that use Bluetooth. When using the 2.4 GHz frequency, you will have problems that can affect Wi-Fi. The best thing will always be to keep it away from any other device that may interfere.

Another tip is to place it in a raised area. Avoid putting the router close to the ground, as you will also be wasting the signal. It is better that you put it at a certain height, such as on top of a piece of furniture. Also check that there are no metal plates that could affect the signal.

As you can see, locating the router at home correctly is essential. On the one hand, it will help you improve security. On the other hand, it will also allow the wireless signal to reach other areas better. Therefore, check if you have the device in a good place and change it if necessary. You can always check if the router works well.

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