Don’t spend too much, these CORSAIR gaming headphones are on sale!

The average user always wants to get the three Bs: good, pretty and cheap, but we all know that 99% of the time is a pipe dream. The good is worth money, the beautiful is subjective and also as a rule it is usually expensive, so resignation can invade us if we do not look well. Luckily we are here to offer you daily the best offers that we can find in the two main technology stores in our country and therefore, today it is the turn of the aforementioned CORSAIR HS35.

Do you want an off-road headset for PC, console and smartphone? Done

Headphones that can be used on all devices without strange exceptions there are few, but this CORSAIR HS35 is one of them. We are talking about multiplatform gaming headphones that can be used in the main SONY and Microsoft consoles, as well as Nintendo or mobile phones, as long as they integrate a mini Jack of 3.5mm.

With this connection and diversity of devices we can enjoy these headphones that integrate some 50mm neodymium drivers in each ear, where CORSAIR specifies that sound quality is optimal and they have impressive range as well as reliable precision for positioning.


This may not seem like that to many, but the reality is that the spatial positioning without virtual 7.1 technologies has improved to a point that in certain games it is really good, not to say surprisingly good. Yes, they are all Triple A titles, but for that reason they are also the most advanced in sound.

CORSAIR HS35 – Large microphone, memory foam, and volume controls


Let’s go back to the protagonists, since these headphones integrate a unidirectional microphone that is also removable. Thus, we can use them to listen to music on the street without being looked at strangely by said accessory, or we can simply rest from it so as not to have it stuck to our mouth when we drink or eat.

These CORSAIR HS35 are extremely comfortable (circumaural), as they have foam memory foam with adjustable ear pads in the atria, which together with a lightweight structure offer ergonomics, little pressure on the head and ears and therefore a lot of comfort even if the hours go by.


Finally, we have to mention its integrated controls in the left atrium, where we can control the volume, mute the microphone and make live adjustments without pausing or interrupting the game. Amazon is offering a 47% discount for these CORSAIR HS35 in blue, dropping from 49.99 to 26.40 euros.

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