Don’t update your PS4 if you don’t want to be without it

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The last Update 9.00 for PlayStation 4 It is giving serious problems to more than one user, and that is why the current recommendation is that you do not install the latest version of the system until the errors are corrected. Although the problem is unknown, the result is consoles that they reboot or, in the worst case, they are blocked, so you must be careful because this is more than just a disc stuck in the player.

A dangerous update

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The arrival of an update for the console is usually cause for good news. Major updates include enhancements and new features to keep you enjoying your hardware, while smaller updates often include fixes and fixes that improve performance and user experience.

Well, the latest update 9.00 for PS4 has not arrived with good good, since once installed, it seems that it has caused the appearance of a large number of problems among which are sporadic reboots and crashes and even the possibility of obtaining a brik permanent (system crash) that leaves us without a console.

Problems with your PS4?

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If you have installed the latest version of the system, you may start to experience numerous errors on your console. Some suggest that there are network problems, problems with the installation of games and even spontaneous restarts that make the game lose, so it is recommended that if you have not yet updated the console to the new version, continue like this until further notice .

At the moment Sony has not made any official statement confirming the facts, and on its official website they continue to show the news of this update with total normality, pointing to all the improvements that have been included, as well as the corrections made.

The problems are affecting and appearing in all PS4 models, since the Slim and the PS4 Pro have also shown errors and crashes after the installation of the update.

What can I do if I have already updated my PS4?

If your console has already been updated, ideally you should stop using it until a new version is released. We don’t know exactly if the full console crash only appears when the update installation is about to complete, but it’s best not to experiment. In the event that you have installed the 9.00 update and have not found any kind of problem, we could say that you are in luck, although do not be too careless, since surprises could arrive at any time.

The moment Sony publishes the next update with the corrected errors, it will be then that you will have to turn on the console and update the system. Perhaps, those with network problems and DNS resolution, should use the manual method of updating the system with the help of a USB memory, so do not rule out taking an afternoon to solve this nightmare.

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