Don’t waste battery while gaming on a Windows laptop

Among the features that we can highlight of a laptop, it is worth mentioning I have very own screen, keyboard and touchpad. At the same time it is worth noting that these teams offer us a certain amount of autonomy time thanks to their battery. Depending on the type of use we make of the computer hears what we are configured as, this autonomy will be greater or lesser.

In the same way, we must bear in mind that these elements deteriorate over time, so that the autonomy of the team in general decreases. As we mentioned, depending on the use we make of the laptop when it is not connected to the electricity grid, its autonomy varies. For example, one of the worst ideas we can have in this case is to start playing, especially if we talk about modern and demanding titles with the team. It is not recommended in these cases for a very simple reason, and that is that games are the types of software that consume the most resources.

So it is easy to deduce that as they consume CPU, RAM and GPU, the requirement for the battery is higher. But if, for whatever reason, we feel obliged or we simply want to play even though we are not connected to the electricity grid, we can always take certain precautions so that the battery consumption is not excessive. This is precisely what we will talk about in these same lines.

Lower the brightness of the laptop screen

Although we are running a game and we want to save battery on the laptop, Windows 10 offers us some changes for this. Keep in mind that one of the components that consumes the most battery on this screen. Therefore lowering the brightness in the operating system of it, will help us to increase the autonomy of the laptop.

This is something that we can easily achieve thanks to the sliding bar that is located in the notification center of the system.

Reduce the resolution in the game and save battery

On the other hand, if we focus on the game as such, we can also make some modifications so that it consumes less PC resources. Something that we can do easily and quickly is to reduce the resolution which we are going to play by default. With this, what we achieve is that the requirement of the title is lower, which reduces memory and CPU consumption, something that is closely linked to battery consumption.

these types of adjustments are usually found in the game settings where we also find many other changes.

Remove details and effects while we play

As we mentioned, current games allow us to carry out various configuration and customization tasks to adapt the title to our needs. In this way, in addition to the resolution that we talked about previously, it is very possible that the software we are talking about allows us to eliminate certain details of the game interface as well as some effects. As in the previous case, with this simple change what we achieve is that the consumption of resources decreases, so the battery will not last longer.

Disconnect Wi-Fi and not waste battery

Likewise, in the event that we do not need Internet, that is, in the event that we are not playing online, we should deactivate connectivity. And it is that something similar to what happens with the screen, although we are not using it, the active Wi-Fi in Windows consumes a lot. In this way, if we deactivate it, we can increase the autonomy of the battery, what are we looking for in these same lines. Later we will be able to activate it again when we connect the PC to the electrical outlet.

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