Don’t waste time opening and closing emails in Gmail, so you can see them faster

If we receive a large number of emails or if we don’t usually take time every day to read the new messages in our inbox, the default Gmail configuration is not the best option, since it forces us to click on each email to be able to access content and click on Inbox again to return to the main window. If we want the task of checking our mail to be much faster and it takes us much less timewe just have to make a simple adjustment in our account settings.

Gmail is the most widely used email platform in the world, and, unlike Chrome, it is by its own merits. Chrome is a good browser, but despite having a share of 70%, it is not the best available on the market. Its main problem is the high consumption of resources, a high consumption of resources that we are not going to find in, for example, Microsoft Edge, since it is the native Windows browser, so it is perfectly optimized and the consumption of resources is the minimum. In addition, it is compatible with the same extensions as Chrome, so if we consider making the change, we will not have any problem continuing to use the same extensions that we currently use in Chrome.

Among all the options that Gmail puts at our disposal, one of the most will help us to increase our productivity is the one that allows us to change inbox display. Natively, the inbox offers us a list format of all the email messages that we have stored. Clicking on each one of them changes the view to show the body of the message. If we want to return to the inbox to access the rest of the messages, we have to click on it.

Gmail - Right reading pane

To make the task of reviewing the emails we have received in Gmail much faster, we can change the display of the main Gmail screen. Gmail offers us two display options. The first allows us to display the body of the message on the right side of the screen when clicking on each email and the second allows us to display the text of the message at the bottom. Regardless of which display mode we want to use, the method for changing it is the same.

Gmail - Lower reading pane

To change the display mode, from the Gmail home screen, click on the gear wheel located in the upper right and scroll to reading pane. By default, the No Split option is displayed selected. Right after this option is the option To the right of the inbox, option that shows the body of the messages on the right side of the screen. The other option available, under the inbox, it will display the content of the messages at the bottom. We can alternate between each of them and check which one best suits our way of working, since the changes are made in real time.

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