Don’t worry, Call of Duty will continue on PlayStation (little word from Phil Spencer)

There has been much talk, much speculation and hundreds of calculations have been made around the possible cancellation of Call of Duty as a game available on PlayStation. And all because Microsoft has bought Activision (or so the different market regulators must accept), so it is understandable that many users are concerned. But now, finally Is Call of Duty going to stop being available on PlayStation? Phil Spencer has finally responded.

Call of Duty is not touched

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II

The CEO of Microsoft Gaming has been passing through Decoderthe podcast of TheVerge where he was able to chat with Nilay Patel about the inevitable topic of the moment: what about buying activision? The manager has been quite clear about it, and although he has stated that the great jewel of the purchase is in King (the creators of Candy Crush), we all know that the flagship of the new purchased package is in Call of Duty.

A game of this caliber, which practically sells consoles and fattens the user community, cannot be missing on any platform (a minute of silence for Nintendo), so if Microsoft wanted to make a splash and dominate the market, it could make exclusive one of the most recognized games on the gamer scene. But it won’t.

In Spencer’s words, Call of Duty will still be on PlayStationalthough he has clarified there is no reason why it is necessary to write in a contract that it will be “forever”. “Call of Duty will be on PlayStation as long as players want to play on PlayStation”. The statement is clear and direct, but if you thought there was a double intention, you are wrong, since it refers to the fact that Call of Duty will run natively on PlayStation, and not with a clever trick of playing streaming through Xbox Cloud Gaming. or through an Xbox Game Pass subscription.

Everything seems to stay the same

Call of Duty Vanguard

Seen what has been seen, Phil has wanted to calm the waters once and for all, and has made it clear that this, the next and the next Call of Duty will continue to be available on PlayStation. There is no trick hidden in the statements, so players on both sides should stop speculating now and close the deal for good.

Xbox streaming is old news

Another question revolved around the streaming device that would allow Xbox Cloud Gaming to be played from any screen. Some images and a lot of information about it were previously leaked, but the product is officially paused.

The official explanation is that they failed to get the right price they had in mind, as the device plus controller would be very close to the price of a Series S on sale. For this reason, they decided to create an alliance with Samsung to launch the Xbox Game Pass application for the brand’s smart TVs, this being the right step to move in the direction they are looking for.

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