Don’t worry, the new PS5 Digital is nothing special

Does the new PS5 Digital have secrets?

On Digital Foundry have finally been able to get hold of one of the recently launched models of the PS5 Digital, and their conclusions after numerous benchmarks are clear: the end user will find no differences. With the help of Gamers NexusThey have also carried out an intensive study at the hardware level, and they were able to verify that the temperatures in the memories and in the capacitors are more controlled and optimized, although in some cases it can reach a higher temperature than in the original model.

Even so, the operation of the fan does not depend on the temperature reached in the processor, but on the power that the CPU is consuming at that moment. Any difference in fan noise between the two versions could simply be due to a one-off issue or the mounted fan model (the tested unit seemed to be slightly louder than the original), but this could even occur on identical release models.

The physical and visual difference is not limited to placing a smaller heatsink (hence the 300 grams less), but there are also slight changes in the design of the chassis to protect the lower part of the plate, as well as some channeling in the face inside the casing. Basically small changes that have not resulted in major changes.

Lighter and little else

PS5 exploded view

The weight change is evident. They are 300 grams less for the new console, but its dimensions are still identical, so you will not get a small console. Regarding temperatures, both models generally work in the same way, although there will be times when the new version is cooler and others when it reaches higher temperatures.

Is there something to worry about?

PS5 lightweight copper heatsink

This is precisely the goal of Digital Foundry’s analysis. The new console works perfectly with the new small heatsink, and at no time will a user be benefiting from using one model or another. The user experience is identical on both consoles, so you will enjoy the same way you get one model or another.

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