Don’t you like NFTs in games? According to Ubisoft, you are ignorant

Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of talk about concepts such as the metaverse or NFTs, something that not everyone fully understands. In fact, those known as Non Fungible Token are reaching some important companies, as is the case with the popular Ubisoft.

There are several companies both related to the world of video games, as well as to other technological sectors, which are joining this new trend. Specifically, we refer to use of NFTs for various reasons depending on its operating mode. As we have already told you on a few occasions in recent weeks, it seems that some firms related to the video game world These developments are being taken very seriously.

As we mentioned before, one of these game firms is Ubisoft, although not all its users and customers agree. In this specific case we will say that at the end of 2021 this firm introduced Ubisoft Quartz focused precisely on these digital units of value. It is true that these exchange elements have been available for some time throughout the internet, but it has been relatively recently when they have begun to become popular. Hence, some companies have taken the decision to use NFTs in their services and platforms.

This is the case of the aforementioned Ubisoft Quartz initiative, a proposal that by the way it was not at all welcomed by the gaming community. This led to the presentation published on the YouTube video portal being hidden shortly after its staging. The reason for all this was given by the enormous rejection that the presentation of this initiative had.

Ubisoft criticizes users’ rejection of NFTs

But despite everything we have told you and the rejection of the gaming community, the firm is not clear about it. And it is that as he has publicly announced, he plans to continue with the initiative based on NFTs. This is something that has now become known thanks to the statements made in an interview with some of the top managers of the project. If we base ourselves on the statements made, they see this whole movement as a big step for the world of video games in general.

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They have admitted that initially the response of the players has not been as expected, but with time they will change their minds. Moreover, they consider that all those who criticize this Ubisoft Quartz initiative do not really understand what they are talking about. They comment that they are not able to see beyond and glimpse the wide range of possibilities that this will offer them in the future. Likewise, those responsible for the initiative argue that they are able to see the end of the road and the advantages that NFTs will bring to both the company and its customers.

But this is something that players are not currently able to glimpse because they do not understand the concept well, according to the company. In this way and taking into account that the project continueswe will have to wait for the reaction of the players in the coming months.

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