DOOM with Ray-Tracing is the best we’ve seen so far

doom is surely the first shooter in history as we know them today. The one that dared to generate true three-dimensional maps, with ups and downs and areas that communicated with others within a more complex virtual environment than what had been seen up to that moment in titles such as Wolfenstein 3D. So despite the almost 30 years behind it, why not update it with the latest in graphics technology?

Ray tracing everywhere

This is how things are, and true to the habit of being one of the most modded of all times, doom has not hesitated to jump on the bandwagon of the famous ray tracing, or ray-tracing as the English say, and that is nothing more than the graphics technology that little by little is making its way into the hardware that we use right now to play. PS5 and Xbox One Series X | S have been the first to carry it natively on their hardware, as well as PCs that equip graphics with that capacity and that are increasingly on the market.

The mod, which you can try on your PC right now, is very easy to install because you only need to download the files that apply that ray tracing to the game and, later, copy in the same folder those old WAD files How well do you know of the old versions with personalized voices (Chiquito de la Calzada’s is one of the best) or with completely modified graphics that have made this doom on the perfect platform for testing of all kinds.

If you want to install it right now on your PC with compatible ray-tracing graphics card, you just have to:

  1. Unzip the file to an empty folder on your computer.
  2. Inside of her copy original game files. The famous DOOM.wad.
  3. now just run the file prboom-plus.exe for the game to start.

Don’t you see Doom better?

The improvement that you get with this mod is spectacular because suddenly those 3D environments that are practically flat and with very limited lighting seem to come to life, when light sources appear that stain the rest of the surfaces that make up the game. There are even moments in which we will see our shadows and those of the enemies drawn with incredible precision on the walls in the background, which gives the scene a realism that it had not achieved before. doom until now.

Definitely, This is a sample of how much technology has advanced graphics in recent years, where a real revolution is taking place that will lead in the near future to video games being practically indistinguishable from reality. The ability of ray tracing to render scenes that are ever more accurate and faithful to what we can in the real world, not just in texture and motion quality, heralds a new phase in both hardware and performance. software and this doomwithout a doubt, is one more example of how much fun it is to update the old classics to the new times.

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