Doomsday Clock 2022: We are still on the edge of the abyss

The scientific organization that monitors the “doomsday clock” has published the Doomsday Clock 2022 as a theoretical measure of the temporal distance at which humanity is from the end of the world. And there are no positive changes. The clock remains at 100 seconds from midnight set in 2020, the closest we have ever come to a global and irreversible catastrophe.

The “panel-bulletin” that was updated last night to Doomsday Clock 2022, turns 75 years old. It was created in 1945 by scientists at the University of Chicago who had helped develop the first atomic weapons under the Manhattan Project. Unfortunately, after razing Hiroshima and Nagasaki, they know what they’re talking about. Perhaps for this reason, in 1947 they created the “Doomsday Clock”, which is delayed or advanced each year according to the assessment of the group’s Science and Safety Board, which includes the advice of thirteen Nobel Prize winners and other prestigious scientists.

The clock has become a universally recognized indicator, understood as a metaphor, reminder and warning of the temporary distance at which we find ourselves from a global cataclysm. In short, to the world’s vulnerability to the worst of all catastrophes, our self-destruction. And we are still on the edge of the precipice.

Doomsday Clock 2022

Even the most optimistic, those of us who trust that human beings (mostly good by nature) show off that ‘humanity’ and together we can improve our own species, the relationship with others and take care of the precious planet that surrounds us. welcomes, we have to recognize that the world is not doing well at all. Of course, it still depends only on us to change the world. to better…

Globally, we haven’t done that in the last two years (since we peaked on the doomsday clock) or in the past. We remain within the distance of the 100 seconds set in 2020.”Stable is not good news here, in fact it reflects the board’s judgment that we are caught in a very dangerous time“explain the scientists.

According to this group, humanity continues to face two simultaneous existential dangers: nuclear war product of the arms race that is increasing incomprehensibly and the climate change to which a lot of talk is dedicated and very few concrete actions. This year, like the previous one, the situation has been aggravated by a coronavirus pandemic that everything indicates it can be repeated with other ‘bugs’ in the future and for which we should be better prepared.

Nor should we lose sight of another of the dangers cited by scientists. The cyber threats which also includes disinformation and hate messages, and mass surveillance programs «whose widespread deployment presents a clear threat to human rights throughout the world and thus to civilization as we know and practice it«, they assure.

Actions to delay Doomsday Clock 2022

They say from the Group of Scientists that the leaders of the richest and most advanced countries «they have not acted with the speed and focus necessary to handle the dire threats to the future of humanity«. Hence the decision to keep the Doomsday Clock at 100 seconds to midnight as a clear warning to the world: “we must move away from the threshold of perdition. Practical and immediate steps are needed to protect humanity from the major global threats we have outlined.«.

Some of the proposals they cite are:

  • The Russian and US presidents must identify more ambitious limits on nuclear weapons. Both must agree to reduce reliance on nuclear weapons by limiting their roles, missions and platforms, and cut budgets accordingly.
  • The United States and other countries should accelerate their decarbonization, matching policies with commitments. China should lead by example by following sustainable development paths, not fossil fuel-intensive projects.
  • World leaders should work through the World Health Organization and other international institutions to reduce biological risks of all kinds through better control of animal-human interactions, improved surveillance and reporting of diseases at the global level. internationalization, increased production and distribution of medical supplies, and higher-capacity health systems.
  • The United States should persuade allies and rivals that not being the first to use nuclear weapons is a step toward security and stability, and then declare such a policy in concert with Russia (and China).
  • President Biden should remove the exclusive authority of the US president to launch nuclear weapons and work to persuade other nuclear-armed countries to establish similar barriers.
  • Russia should rejoin the NATO-Russia Council and collaborate on risk reduction and measures to prevent escalation.
  • North Korea should codify its moratorium on nuclear tests and long-range missile tests and help other countries verify a moratorium on the production of plutonium and enriched uranium.
  • Iran and the United States must jointly re-adhere to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and start new and broader talks on Middle East security and missile restrictions.
  • Private and public investors should redirect funds from fossil fuel projects to climate-friendly investments.
  • The world’s richest countries should provide more financial support and technological cooperation to developing countries to take strong climate action. COVID recovery investments should support climate mitigation and adaptation goals across economic sectors and address the full range of potential greenhouse gas emission reductions, including capital investments in urban development, agriculture, transportation, industry heavy, buildings and appliances, and electrical energy.
  • National leaders and international organizations should devise more effective regimes to monitor biological research and development efforts.
  • Governments, technology companies, academic experts, and the media must cooperate to identify and implement practical and ethical ways to combat Internet-enabled misinformation and disinformation.
  • At every reasonable opportunity, citizens of all countries should hold their local, regional and national political officials and business and religious leaders accountable by asking “What are you doing to address climate change?”

Doomsday Clock 2022

Without swift, focused action, truly catastrophic events—events that could wipe out civilization as we know it—are more likely. When the Clock strikes 100 seconds to midnight, we are all threatened. «The time is dangerous and unsustainable, and the time to act is now, they insist«.

Doomsday Clock 2022 | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Science and Safety Board

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