Double eleven promotion: get Windows 10 with a 90% discount: € 12!

Today is 11 of 11, the “double eleven”, and one of the most important promotional periods of the year (with permission from Black Friday, which is about to arrive), so it is an ideal time to make your purchases with quite interesting discounts. If you need Windows 10 or Windows 11 licenses it is no exception, and in this article we are going to tell you how to get them with an additional 30% discount.

When you buy a digital license, you should know that it has, according to a 2012 European court ruling that established jurisprudence, the same value for all purposes as if it were a physical product, and therefore its sale is completely lawful and legal, so you will have nothing to worry about even though what you are buying is nothing more than a mere license code that will arrive by email. With that said, let’s look at those offers.

Windows 10 and 11 with 30% discount on 11/11

Here are some of the best deals on Windows and Office licenses that you can buy at a discount, but remember that to get that 30% off we were talking about, you must enter the discount code HDZ during the purchase process.

If you want Office, there are also offers to get it much cheaper with that 30% discount code:

And if you need both, here are some packs to save even more:

Keep in mind one thing, and that is that these prices and the HDZ discount code have a time limit during the promotion, which ends on November 15.

Lifetime licenses that do not expire at this price, how is it possible?


As we have mentioned before, these licenses (whether for Windows 10, 11 or Office) are nothing more than a code that you will have to enter to activate your software, but for all intents and purposes they have the same legal value as if they were a physical product. This means that, in addition to being lawful and legal, they are lifetime licenses (for life) and they do not expire, so not only will you never be asked to pay anything additional, but you can also use them whenever and however you want.

For example, you could buy a Windows 10 license for two PCs now, activate one of them (and then upgrade to Windows 11, remember that it is free if you already have Windows 10 activated) and save the other code for a while for when you can. need, with the peace of mind of having the certainty that this code is valid (this is guaranteed by the store that sells it) and that it will never expire, so as long as Microsoft continues to support the operating system, your code can be activated without any problem.

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