Download all your Instagram photos and videos in one fell swoop

What data can be downloaded from Instagram

Before going ahead and telling you what the whole process is like, it is probably more interesting to tell you what these data are that you can download from your Instagram profile. They are as follows:

  • Information from the profile itself: name, surname, nickname, …
  • Information related to followers, accounts you follow and even those that are blocked
  • Information about the likes you have given as well as comments made
  • Private conversations
  • Searches that have been made recently
  • Photos and videos posted

With all that information you can then consult many of the things that the social network knows about you or simply make a backup of the content that you have been uploading since you created the profile.

Why make a copy of your Instagram photos

Instagram has become for many, and almost without realizing it during the process, in everything a photo album with the most important memories of their lifes. There are, for example, all those photos and videos with friends, with family, with memories of trips or special moments such as births of children, etc. Without forgetting moments of the day to day that for one reason or another they have wanted to share and preserve, because they also have their value.

Well, for all this published content it is normal that as the years go by, there are more and more users concerned about it and what would happen if the platform closed right away or, worse still, lost the content of the account well because their username and password are stolen or canceled for some reason beyond their control.

Okay, calm, a priori none of this should happen. In the event that it does, there are options to contact Instagram and regain control. And if it went to waste, there would always be a period to get your content back. At the end of the day, Instagram is not what interests you, but rather personal data based on your tastes, interactions and time of use to be able to generate a business based on segmented advertising.

However, knowing how to make a backup all that data It is important. Especially when even knowing that you can transfer them to the Instagram file so that they are not public. Because maybe the only thing you want to do is change the theme of the profile and the photos with your party cousins ​​no longer fits.

How to download all the Instagram photos you have posted

Well, whatever the reason you have and even having options to hide some without having to delete them, if what you want or need is to download them all at the highest possible resolution and have them on your hard drive, cloud or photographic storage system. decided to use, these are the steps you should follow if you go do it from your computer.

  1. The first step is to access Instagram through the web version. That is, you will have to use a browser such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, etc., and enter the Instagram URL
  2. Once you are already with your user account started, the next step is to access the Configuration options that you will find, as always, in the upper right corner of the web interface
  3. When you access that new screen you will have to look for the options regarding Privacy and security
  4. Within this option you will see that different options appear, although the one that is of interest this time is Data Download. Click on it
  5. Then you will have to click on the Request data option again and from there start filling in some fields that are indicated.
  6. When you have entered these required data, you will have the option to click Next so that the entire collection process begins and as soon as it ends you will receive an email to your associated account (it is important that you verify that you have access to it) and download the file

Is it possible to do or carry out this same process from the mobile? Yes, the only thing is that then the download link, although you can also store it on your device, it would not be comfortable to manage it since different folders, types of files, etc. are included. But if you just want request data download, this is what you should do:

  1. Open the Instagram application on your mobile device
  2. Go to Settings and then to the Security option
  3. Inside Security, look for the option to Download data and again fill in the change indicated
  4. When you have everything ready, press the Request download button
  5. Again the process will begin and all the information will be prepared in a downloadable file through a link that is sent by email

In both cases, you should know that the process of generating said link may take a long time. up to 48 hours. There will depend the number of photos, videos and information that they have to collect, unify and compress so that you have it all accessible from a single download link.

Easy right? Well, it is only a matter of getting down to work and once you have all this data in your possession, decide what you want to do with the account. If you only needed a copy to which to add the future photos and videos that you publish, then that’s it. And if what you wanted was to recover all that material to delete the profile or change the publication theme, then too.

At the end of the day, let each one do what they think is most appropriate. Instagram will continue to be a relevant network, despite the changes confirmed by its own managers that indicate that they will focus more and more on video and less on photography.

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