Download and save free songs on your PC with the help of these programs

atube catcher

We should also mention that it allows us to record downloaded videos on DVD and Blu-Ray, and it incorporates other very useful additional functions such as the possibility of capturing a screen, converting videos to other formats and recording sound.

Of course, we must take into account that this software has been developed so that we can download copyright free content in a completely legal way, respecting creative commons rights, so it will depend on the responsibility of each user who makes good use of this useful tool.

We can download aTube Catcher for free from its website. We must be careful during its installation as it will try to install unwanted software.

MP3 Rocket, one of the largest media file network

In this case we are talking about a program to download free music, as well as videos and movies to our computer. With it we will have access to one of the largest media networks since it has over 120 million media files on the network, so we will surely find any file we are looking for.

MP3 Rocket

The software is available in multiple languages ​​and includes a media player and video conversion tool. It has a customizable interface

As with other programs, MP3 Rocket does not encourage or condone illegal copying and distribution of material protected by copyright, so the use we make of it will be under the responsibility of each user.

If we want to use MP3 Rocket we can download it from its official website.

MP3Jam, easy to use and with great quality

We’re talking about a program that will help us download music for free in MP3 and that stands out for its convenience since we won’t have to fight with a database or carry out complex configurations, just search and download. From it we can search according to genre, artist, group or album and download the sound in the best possible quality, up to 320kbps. We will also have the possibility to listen to the song previously before downloading and listen to them once downloaded from their own download history.

MP3 Jam

MP3Jam does not use torrent sites, but instead grabs them from public domains and web hosts. sites like YouTube and other sites, thus achieving a large sound library. We simply have to be careful about downloading content that is not copyright free to avoid legal problems.

We can download MP3Jam for free from its website, although it also has a paid premium version.

Soulseek, copyright free music

We are talking about a program to download music for free, although it allows us to share and download all kinds of files. If this platform stands out for something, it is because its content is free of copyright so we will have no doubts that what we download will be legal and we do not have to think if we are infringing someone’s copyright.


We must know that it is a platform that does not have advertising, allowing us to enter its network for free to share all kinds of files. It has the possibility of advanced searches and use filters. In addition, it has a large community of users who use it to share files over the network. Its main drawback is that during its installation it tries to sneak in unwanted third-party programs, so you have to be careful not to install them.

Soulseek is a program to download free music, available for Windows, macOS and Linux and that we can obtain from this link to the developer’s website.

Download music from these websites

If we don’t want to download any software to our computer, we should know that we can download free music from some online platforms, so it will only be necessary to access them through our browser.

Jamendo Music, free music under Creative Commons license

We are talking about a web page from where you can download free music that is available under a Creative Commons license, which means that it is the artists themselves who make their music known for free from this platform so that we can download it and enjoy it. From here we can discover new musical trends that are trending and see the latest titles or search for artists to see their content to download.

Jamendo Music

From the web we have the option of downloading songs individually or the entire album, as well as browsing through its different playlists. It should also be noted that it has radio channels. Against it, it must be said that there are only songs in MP3 format and the downloads are not in HD quality. In addition, it requires creating a user account, although it is free.

If we want to enjoy all the content of Jamendo Music, all we have to do is access its website.

SoundClick, download songs and complete albums

This is possibly one of the best options for finding and downloading free music arranged by the artists themselves, also including complete albums and that we can obtain signed or unsigned by their authors. We simply have to navigate through its lists of files and genres until we find the desired piece, which we can listen to beforehand and later decide if we want to download it.


It also allows us to create personalized radio stations and get in touch with other users in forums, as well as read and inform us about our favorite artists. That yes, not all the music that we find is free, since it mixes with other types of music for which it will be necessary to pay to obtain it.

In order to access all the content of SoundClick it is not necessary to register or log in, just click on this direct link to its website.

SoundCloud, stream and download music for free

It is a website from where you can stream and download music for free. Much of their content is even uploaded by professional artists themselves, while others are shared by independent musicians. The download is done instantly and without the need to previously create an account and we can even play the track before downloading it.


Of course, not all the music that we find on SoundCloud can be downloaded and others require that we previously Like a Facebook page to obtain the file. In addition, it requires a login to be able to use the page. To find music without paying, the best is to browse through its Creative Commons section or search through its search engine using tags such as free.

If we want to access all the content of SoundCloud, we just have to access its website.

Internet Archive, millions of audio files to download

We are talking about a platform that contains millions of files to download for free, such as music, audio, podcasts, radio shows and especially your Live Music Archive. It is a very complete website, although it is in English and browsing it can be a bit confusing. We can sort the music downloads by the most viewed, by title, publication date, etc. We can also filter the results by type of media (audio, concert, etc), type of music (pop, rock, etc), language, among others.

Internet Archive

Usually most of the files can be downloaded in various formats, such as MP3 and OGG, being compatible with preview. In addition, we will not need to create any user account

If we want to access all the free music content that we can find on the Internet Archive, just click on this link to its official website.

Audiomack, new, legal and free music

If we are interested in discover and find new music, Moving away from the more commercial options, Audiomack may interest us. We are talking about a website whose content is music 100% legal and free, and depending on the artist, we can find music downloads. The page is in English and we can browse it and search for songs by albums, artists and other sections such as trends or top songs.


This website covers all kinds of musical genres such as reggae, pop, R&B, hip-hop, instrumental, afrobeats, etc. The different options that we have to download are mostly in MP3, although not all of them and we can download them without having to have a user account.

In order to access the entire Audiomack free music catalog, just click on this link to its website.

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