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And it is that despite the fact that this software focused on entertainment is increasingly demanding with the hardware of our computers, many prefer titles from the past. Moreover, for many users, the games that were made in the past had better quality, although with much worse graphics, than the current ones. Hence, a good number of them want to get hold of, in one way or another, old games to install on your pc.

In fact, some websites that we can find on the internet allow us to download these leisure contents if we wish. For this we only have to use the corresponding URLs that we visit through our favorite web browser. This way we can go back to remembering those old days when we had so much fun with our games. It is true that they were much simpler than the current ones, with some much less flashy graphicsBut they weren’t worse for that.

It is for all this that we are going to show you some of these online alternatives that allow you to download old games quickly. Also, keep in mind that these retro games are much less demanding in terms of hardware than the current ones. This means that, when saving and running them, we can even use an old PC that we had saved. Let’s see some of these web pages that take us back in time.

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My Abandonware

First of all, we will talk about a huge library of games of a lifetime. It should be noted that here we find titles from year 1973. Obviously we are going to come across hugely known games such as Pacman or Tetris, as well as almost 15,000 titles.

In addition, we have several categories to locate what interests us more quickly, and a powerful seeker. Each of the games arranged here offers us some very interesting information so that we can learn more about them.

Basic Classics

Another very interesting proposal in this same sense is found in Basic Classics. Here we are going to find games from last year 1984 and for multiple platforms. In addition to for PC, we can also filter the search for titles by many consoles retro. We just have to specify our preferences in the different drop-down lists so that the titles that match it appear. In turn, each game is accompanied by an interesting description of it.

It is more than likely that many of you already know this very well. internet archive that contains so much content and will continue to store it. Among all of them we can find a multitude of old games, which is what interests us in this case. If we are lovers of the old titles for MS-DOS, we only have to access its official website. From there we will already find some mythical video games that we can download to our PC.

Likewise, here, in the internet archive, we can directly access a selection of classic games belonging to other operating systems that we will also love.

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