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And it is that in the event that we carry out many downloads of all kinds of files in a continuous and habitual way, surely we have realized that it is a task that can take us a long time, and that it can turn our computer into a real disaster regarding your organization. To help us with this work, Turbo Download Manager will serve as an indispensable element. It is an extension compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera that performs tasks of manage and speed up our downloads, being able to pause, resume and recover them at any time without risk of breaking.

As it is an extension written exclusively in JavaScript, and that integrates perfectly with our browser, without having to install additional software on our desktop. Through it we can Increase Speed to which the files download since it gets multiple segments of the file simultaneously. It also has a internal interrupt control that will allow us to resume slow or poor quality downloads.

It has a complete user interface on the download manager, allowing us to observe the downloads and their multiple threads from the same window. The extension is capable of storing binary files in chunks, so in case of crash, the data is kept and can be restored after a reboot. In addition, it has the possibility of download from multiple sources and preview the media files while downloading the file.

Simple manager somewhat lacking in advanced features

Once we install the extension, it is integrated into our browser. This will bring up a button with your logo at the top right of the toolbar. If we click on it, a menu appears organized by four tabs that are in English but are easily identifiable.

  • Clear Completed: from this section we can delete all the downloads that have been completed successfully.
  • Clear Failed: allows us to delete those files that we have not been able to download correctly because they have failed during this process.
  • Detach: this option allows us to show in detail the file, the source of the download, its size and we can delete it individually.
  • Add Jobs: if we click on this tab a new window will open from where we can write URL addresses to download any file.

Turbo Download Manager download files

To be able to download a file correctly, we must use a direct link to it, since the welcome pages alone will not do it. Sometimes most websites redirect to a page where the download starts automatically, and it is that URL that we must use with the administrator so that it can be downloaded correctly.

Turbo Download Manager add downloads

Another option available is to right-click on the download link. This will open a context menu where the Turbo Download Manager option appears and from there click on «Download Link» to start downloading the file. Once it starts, it will appear in the extension indicating the speed at which it is carried out, the threads it uses, the amount that has already been downloaded over the total weight of the file. The extension button located on the toolbar will inform us of the percentage downloaded.

Turbo Download Manager Download Link

Conclusions: is it worth using?

The best quality of this download manager is its full compatibility with popular and used browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera, thus making it possible to use it on different operating systems such as Windows, Linux and macOS. It is quite simple to use although lacks some important options such as the possibility of organizing each type of downloaded file by category. Its interface is quite poor and simple because we will hardly be able to interact with it, beyond deleting the links of the downloaded files.

Its use it is only recommended If we want to improve the quality of the manager that our browser incorporates by default, then we will have the possibility of being able to pause and resume any download without losing the entire process already downloaded. If we are looking for other types of more advanced functions, it falls short and it is better to opt for desktop software.

Free Download as Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager works as an extension that we can add to our browser Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, being able to download for free. This manager can be used to speed up download speed or to improve download stability on low quality networks. The extension will be integrated into the download manager of our browser as much as possible. Click on any of the following links to obtain it from your usual browser.

The version is currently available 0.6.5 corresponding to May 31, 2021 It is only 141 KB in size and can run on any operating system, be it Windows, macOS or Linux.

Other recommended alternatives

In case we are looking for a somewhat more advanced download manager for our computer, we propose some alternatives to Turbo Download Manager that we must take into account:

Internet Download Accelerator

It is a download manager whose main mission is to increase the speeds of the files that we download from the Internet. To do this, it uses HTTP, HTTPS and FTP protocols and downloads in several parts at the same time. Also, we can resume those that were interrupted or pause them without meaning losing the part that we already have downloaded. It is compatible with the most popular ones such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Vivaldi, among others. It can be downloaded for free from the developer’s own website.


We are talking about a free and open source application developed in Java. This is going to be in charge of helping us manage and simplify the download of files. In this way, we can carry out different downloads in parallel, as well as automatic file extraction, password management, avoid annoying captchas, etc. In addition, it has support for many web platforms for direct downloading of all types of files. We can download JDownloader for free from this link its main page.

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