Download for free the legendary Super Mario movie remastered in 4K

Surely there is no character in the world of video games with a resume as pristine and perfect as Mario’s who, since 1985 (officially) has been starring in some of the best video games who have seen history. But not only on consoles have we enjoyed it, the cinema has been another good focus of adventures for the most famous plumber on the planet, although, on occasion, it has caused him some displeasure.

Do you remember the 80’s movie?

Indeed, it is one of those little gems that Japanese animation has left us in the last 40 years, especially when it comes to videogames, since it premiered nothing more and nothing less than in 1986. That is, one year after the release of the first Super Mario Bros for NES and on the same dates that another classic of the house began to be sold: The Legend of Zelda.

The fact is that, like many other materials of the time, it was difficult to find because, either the rights sleep happily in limbo because the original holders no longer exist, or the current owners are not willing to bear the costs of such an expensive remastering. Keep in mind that in the case of this film the original used was printed on 16mm film. so the digitization process comes off with a good peak.

But that has not seemed to be a problem for a user, Carnivol, first, and Grouper Productions later, who have taken the reel of film and not only digitized them, but they have remastered the original with FullHD (1080p) and 4K resolution, and a clearer sound extracted from the VHS with Dolby Surround 2 of the time. So that we can see it without problems on any computer, mobile device or Smart TV.

From that group they tell how the process has been and detail exactly how they got down to work with this film, entitled Super Mario Bros. The Great Mission to Rescue Princess Peach!, from a roll of 16 mm. which, they believe, was used for local screenings in some theater in Los Angeles, so it was quite run down and dirty. The project had already been started for some time by Carnivol, who was the one who took over the tape and had already started the digitization work on his own, although it did not start to pick up speed until 2021, when Grouper Productions came in to speed it up and remaster it.

You can watch it for free but…

The project has a positive part and that is You have the film completely free to watch through YouTube, or download it from to have it on your computer and enjoy it whenever you feel like it without needing to connect to the internet, but nevertheless it has a small problem and that is the language.

Indeed, work has been done on the Japanese version so we will hear Mario, Luigi (he is not dressed in green) and the rest of the characters in the franchise use their mother tongue, so we will have to wait a while for another kind soul to work on changing the sound track by the Spanish… if there ever was a version for our country.

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