Download games on Steam without internet? This novelty will make it happen

It is very common for there to be users with more than one device from which they connect to play: a desktop PC to enjoy the beast with the highest possible quality in the comfort of a good armchair gamer; another laptop for when we go on a trip or in the office itself at lunchtime; and of course, those who have taken the step of buy a steam deck to enjoy anywhere.

What is Steam going to do?

In all those cases we need to download the games locally and, depending on the title, we could spend many hours downloading and downloading if our internet access is limited. Having to download the 147 gigabytes of a Assassin’s Creed Valhalla It could be a real torture in certain cases, and even more so if we have to do it on two different devices, so what can we do?

Well, for now, let’s hope, because Steam seems to have us in its thoughts since it has begun to work on a new function that will greatly help those users whose connection does not allow them to download several gigabytes in a few minutes. So it’s going to allow us to more quickly move each installation of the game that we have on one PC to another more easily. Even to a Steam Deck. And how do you think he’s going to do it?

Valve is seemingly working on peer-to-peer Steam downloads on LAN.

October 27, 2022 • 8:29 PM

It has been the engineer Pavel Djundik who has published an important discovery on Twitter, since he believes that he has found a function that is hidden in the latest Steam beta version and that he claims that it is a kind of P2P system (peer to peer) through a local network that It will allow the two machines to communicate and send data much faster that are part of any game already installed in any of them. In other words, setting up a kind of eMule at home (for those who remember) that does not need to leave the scope of our LAN.

Faster, more efficient and without internet data

This curious system would create a kind of server equipment and another receiver that is the one that connects to receive the data packets without even needing to have an internet connection. for now, that function is present in the beta and there are those who are trying to see how to make it work before Gabe Newell’s complete it and release it in one of the future releases of Steam clients for PC.

Do not rule out that this function has a lot to do with Steam Deck, the PC consolidated from Valve that it put up for sale in March 2022 and that requires much longer download processes than those suffered by other competing devices such as Nintendo Switch, where its developments barely occupy 6 or 7 gigabytes on average in those AAA that they come from time to time. Something that does not happen in the American machine where the usual thing is to find 10 times more amount of data.

for now you have to wait for Steam to publish this function but if you dare to try with the community to see if you make it work, you have plenty of forums that are fuming right now.

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