How to download Instagram Story with Music

Say Goodbye to Expiring Stories! 3 Genius Hacks to Save Instagram Stories with Music (No Copyright Worries)

Forget 24-hour limitations! This ultimate guide unlocks 3 secrets to download your Instagram stories with music, including built-in options, powerful apps, and even screen recording. Plus, tips on music copyright so you can share freely.

Instagram stories have become a vibrant tapestry of our lives, capturing fleeting moments with playful filters, engaging text overlays, and, of course, the perfect soundtrack. But what happens when you want to preserve that magical combination of visuals and music beyond the 24-hour lifespan? Fear not, fellow storytellers! This guide unveils three foolproof methods to save your Instagram story with music, ensuring your memories remain vibrant and shareable long after the clock strikes midnight on your story.

instagram story download
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Method 1: Archiving and Exporting – Built-in Instagram Magic

This method harnesses the power of Instagram’s built-in archive feature, allowing you to discreetly save your story with music for future retrieval and export. Here’s how it works:

  • Embrace the Archive: Head to your profile and tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner. Select “Archive” and then “Stories” to access the haven of your past creations.
  • Story Selection: Locate the story you want to save with music. Tap the three dots in the top right corner and choose “Save to Camera Roll.” This downloads the entire story, including the audio track, to your device’s gallery.
  • Exporting for Sharing: If you want to share your saved story beyond your own device, you can utilize third-party apps like Repost or InShot. These apps allow you to upload your saved story and add additional edits, text overlays, or even adjust the music track. Once customized, you can share it on Instagram again, other social media platforms, or simply cherish it privately.
  • Pro Tip: Instagram offers a “Save All” feature in the Archive section, allowing you to download all your past stories at once. This is a handy option if you’re a prolific storyteller and want to ensure no gems get lost in the digital sands of time.
instagram story download
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Method 2: Third-party Apps – The Download Powerhouses

For those seeking a more comprehensive approach, third-party apps like Story Saver and Downloadgram come to the rescue. These apps act like digital vacuums, sucking in your stories with music and depositing them in your device’s gallery. Here’s how to harness their power:

  • App Installation: Download and install your chosen app on your device. Most apps are available for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Story Target: Open the third-party app and log in to your Instagram account. Locate the story you want to save with music, either by browsing your feed or searching for it specifically.
  • Download Delight: Once you’ve found your target story, tap on it within the app. The app will automatically download the Instagram story, including the music track, to your device’s gallery. Some apps offer additional features like downloading specific clips or customizing the download format.
  • Pro Tip: Be mindful of app permissions and ensure you only download apps from reputable sources. Some apps might request access to your personal information or other data, so proceed with caution and read the reviews before diving in.
instagram story download
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Method 3: Screen Recording – The DIY Approach

For those who prefer a bit of DIY magic, screen recording offers a unique way to capture your story with music. This method essentially records what you see on your screen, including the story and its accompanying soundtrack. Here’s the rundown:

  • Screen Recorder Activation: Activate your device’s built-in screen recorder or download a third-party app like AZ Screen Recorder. Make sure you can capture audio alongside the screen recording.
  • Story Playback: Open Instagram and navigate to your desired story. Start the screen recording before playing the story and ensure you capture the entire duration of the story.
  • Editing and Sharing: Once the recording is complete, you can edit it in your preferred video editing app. This allows you to trim unwanted parts, add additional effects, or even adjust the audio volume. Once polished, you can share your saved story on other platforms or simply keep it as a personal treasure.
  • Pro Tip: This method requires precise timing and coordination. Start and stop the recording at the right moments to avoid capturing unnecessary parts of the screen. Additionally, some video editing apps might require a subscription for advanced features.

Choosing the Right Method:

The best method for saving your Instagram story with music depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider these factors:

  • Ease of use: Built-in archiving is the simplest option, while third-party apps offer more flexibility. Screen recording requires the most technical finesse.
  • Features: Third-party apps often offer additional features like story clipping or format customization. Screen recording allows for more creative editing.
  • Privacy concerns: Some third-party apps might raise privacy concerns, so be cautious about app permissions.
  • Beyond Saving, Sharing, and Savoring:

Downloading your Instagram story with music is just the first step in preserving those precious moments. Consider these additional tips for maximizing your story-saving experience:

  • Curate your archive: Don’t let your archive become a chaotic graveyard. Regularly review your saved stories and delete ones you no longer resonate with.
  • Create story collections: Organize your saved stories into themed collections, like “Travel Adventures,” “Funny Moments,” or “Life Milestones.” This makes it easier to find and relive specific memories.
  • Inject new life into old stories: Breathe new life into your saved stories by repurposing them into other formats. Use them to create short video edits, Instagram Reels, or even slide shows for special occasions.
  • Embrace the remix: Don’t be afraid to get creative with your saved stories. Use video editing apps to add new music, adjust the audio levels, or even experiment with different filters and effects.
  • Share responsibly: Remember, respecting copyright is crucial. If you use copyrighted music in your saved stories, ensure you have the proper permissions or use royalty-free alternatives.
  • Instagram stories are a beautiful way to capture the fleeting moments of life, and with these methods, you can ensure those moments stay with you forever. So, grab your phone, embrace the music, and start saving your stories – let the creativity flow and let your memories dance!


Saving your Instagram story with music is more than just a technical exercise; it’s a way to preserve the emotions, the laughter, and the heartbeat of a moment. Whether you choose the built-in magic of archiving, the flexibility of third-party apps, or the DIY spirit of screen recording, remember that the true value lies in capturing the essence of your experience and sharing it with yourself or the world. So, go forth, experiment, save, and most importantly, enjoy the creative journey of preserving your Instagram story magic.

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