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June and July They have been the months in which, in MuyPymes, we have dedicated ourselves to talking about green or ecological printing. The importance and concern for the environment is something that does not go unnoticed among manufacturers in the sector. Not only has the technology become more sustainable, but also its consumables (such as inks). The result is the new print themed magazine ‘green’.

As on other occasions, the magazine compiles the most important news about this sector that we have published in MuyPymes, for two months. This time, we have had the participation of German Lopez, Sales&Marketing Manager by Sabate Print Everything.

As on previous occasions, the magazine is made in a very light, visual and linkable format where we review the future, trends and the most sustainable printers. You will also see interviews with leaders in the printing industry and his commitment to everything “green”. As in all our digital magazines, we will close the topic with a reportage on advanced printer equipment that has not yet reached the Spanish market.

Our readers will have free access to this magazine. Regarding the index, it is as follows:

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  • Prologue: “The time has come…”
  • What is the future of sustainable printing
  • Outstanding news
  • Interview with María Jesús Arroyo, from Canon Spain
  • Why is circularity the way to go? By Nuria Arocas, specialist in Sustainability at HPIberia.
  • Information pills on ‘green’ printing
  • Report: “The printers of the future: PrePear RP-3100 without ink, metallic 3D and a model 30 times faster”

To whet your appetite, we leave you with an excerpt from the prologue, Germán López Sales & Marketing Manager of Sabaté Print Everything, a family business dedicated to the reproduction of large format photographs, champion of the concept Green Print.

“It’s time to pay a fair price for printing sustainably. Because now, finally, there are supports at the same or lower price than the most polluting ones, of course for a comparable use and/or application».

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