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Within our thematic magazine initiative, we have dedicated the month of November to TicketBAI. It is an invoicing program with which the Basque Treasury will manage and control the invoices made within its territory. The system is different in each Province, especially regarding the application deadlines and other details that we have been telling throughout the month in this section. The result has been the launch of a new thematic and digital magazine: TicketBAI.

As on other occasions, the magazine compiles the most important news on this subject that we have published in MuyPymes, during this last month. In addition, we have had the collaboration of Wolters kluwer and for the prologue, with the participation of Irune Yarza, Regional Director of the Gipuzkoan Treasury.

As always, the magazine is made in a very lightweight, visual and linkable in which he talked about the particularities of each Basque province, around this project. We will also detail some technical issues, as well as exemptions of the application or success stories of companies that are already using TicketBAI.

Our readers will be able to access free form to its reading, without having to give the data, so that it is easier to download. With respect to index, is the following:

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  • Foreword: «Guipuzkoa looks to the future», by Irune Yarza, general director of the Gipuzkoan Treasury
  • Success story: H2B Business Group boosts its positioning as a digital consultancy thanks to TicketBAI and a3factura
  • Outstanding news
  • Interview with Francesc Núñez, ERP and Gestión Product Manager at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting in Spain
  • Information pills about TicketBAI
  • Tax fraud in Spain: figures, data and prevention measures

To get you started, we leave you with an extract from the prologue, signed by the head of the Guipúzcoa Treasury, one of the Basque provinces involved in this project and whose text exclusively, you can read in the magazine:

«… The first of the advantages has become almost an obligation in times of pandemic: whoever is left out of the digital world, runs a serious risk to be out of the market. And TicketBAI brings under its arm the need for IT support and billing software that will fully digitize the Gipuzkoan economy. … »

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