Download programs from the Microsoft Store, you will win

In the system most used in desktops around the world, we find the Microsoft Store. This is the official store that those from Redmond make available to us so that we can download and install UWP applications on our computers. It is possible that the store we are talking about now over the years has not had the acceptance or the expected success at first.

However, it could be said that downloading apps from here and installing them on our PC can benefit us more than classic programs. This is precisely what we want to talk about in these same lines, the advantages of downloading and installing content from the Microsoft Store with respect to the common Win32. Although it has yet to reach the desired acceptance by Microsoft, the software giant expects the store to continue to grow in terms of use in the months to come.

The security offered by the Microsoft Store

The first thing to keep in mind at this point is that the UWP applications found in the Microsoft Store are completely free of all types of malware. This means that we can install them on our computer safely, something that is not always true of the classic ones that we download from other web pages.

The firm itself is already in charge of taking care that all the contents offered in the official store and the operating system are 100% clean. In this way, we avoid the risks of malicious code arriving on our computer when installing programs.

Full compatibility with Windows 10

The UWPs that we are talking about in these lines have been applications that have been specially developed and versioned to work on the platform. Windows 10. Therefore, no one should be surprised by its good performance in the Redmond operating system. In fact, since they are specially adapted to work in this environment and with this interface, their compatibility increases their performance in most cases.

In this way they offer us a appearance and function something different from the one found in its classic Win32 version. It should be mentioned that in most cases this is beneficial for users and their experience in the system.

We find a multitude of offers in the official store of the system

Another advantage that we find when downloading and installing UWP applications from the official Windows 10 store are the offers that we are going to find. The Microsoft Store we observe programs both payment and free. However, it is enough to be a little attentive to it so that we almost constantly find interesting discounts even quite a few paid applications that are temporarily free.

This will allow us to have those programs that we need belonging to all types of use environments, many times without having to pay a single euro.

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