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Download videos from Reddit

With 52 million daily users, Reddit is one of the platforms that set the trends on the internet. Released since 2005, the self-proclaimed “internet gateway” is the largest forum on the net. Let’s see how to download reddit videos on Mac.

Downloading most files from reddit, be it images or GIFs, is quite simple, but if you’ve ever wanted to download videos, you may have noticed that it’s somewhat more complicated. stay to know how to download reddit videos on mac.

reddit app

reddit for mac The Reddit app for Mac or iPhone is a real gem. Among various amenities, it offers us the ability to download videos without any effort. I’ll explain it to you in steps:

  1. Click on the video post
  2. Press the three dots button in the upper right corner of the screen
  3. press share
  4. Touch the save video button
  5. I wait while the video downloads
  6. Clever

If you have the app, you won’t need much more than the above, downloading Reddit videos on Mac will be no problem for you. Surely you will agree that it was quite simple. If for any reason you don’t want to have the Reddit app, among the rest of the routes that I offer you can find the ideal one for you.

Reddit (App Store Link)

Slide for Reddit

This light app does exactly what we are looking for, and simpler to use could not be. All you have to do is press and hold the video in question, once the contextual menu appears, click where it says download, and that’s it.

Slide for reddit is a cross-platform app, as well as being usable on iPhone and Mac, it is also usable on Android, although in the form of an unofficial reddit explorer.

Slide for Reddit (AppStore Link)

snap downloader

Snapdownloader download videos from reddit MAC

A magnificent application that is available for Windows and MacOS, all you have to do is download and install it.
It may be a slightly longer process (without being complicated) but there is a reason why it is worth it and that is that this application also Allows you to download videos from Facebook, Instagram and a small handful of other sources. This app is a tool that you definitely want to have at your disposal.
With this application you can download videos in different formats and weights. But the list does not end here, if none of these options has convinced you, continue reading. (

You can download it on their website.


Reddit Save Mac

A very simple option, for which you will only need your browser. I’ll explain it to you in steps:

  1. Go to the Reddit video you want to download.
  2. Copy the link of the video.
  3. Go to
  4. Paste the link of the video in the bar that the site offers you right in the middle of the screen.
  5. Press download.
  6. Now your video should start downloading.

Requiring only a browser, Redditsave can be enjoyed from almost any device.


This is another option that will allow you download videos not only from reddit but from multiple platforms. Not only that, keepvid offers you a wide range of possibilities to choose the format in which you want to download your video. Strangely, keepvid misses the ability to download Youtube videos.

This way is available for any device.


Reddit video downloader Mac

If we talk about downloading Reddit videos on Mac, Reddit Video Downloader (Redv) is a must mention. Redv is another quick solution to the problem we dealt with, With just a browser you can download the video you want from Reddit. Redv works like the aforementioned websites, downloading videos with very high video and audio quality. All you have to do is visit and follow the usual steps.

Another way to use Redv is simply add “dl” to the video link after “reddit”. You should be aware that this site cannot download audio in many cases.

To enjoy videos on a highest viewing quality and optimal audio you will need to download the app for PC or Macright on the website you will find the way to do it.

Media Mutt Shortcut

Media Mutt download videos MAC

Nothing as comfortable as a shortcut, especially if it allows you to download videos from a large number of websites such as imgur, giphy, gifycat and even youtube.

All you need to do is search in the Safari browser for the post that contains that video that you would like to own so much. Once there, touch “Share”, at the bottom of the new menu that appears you can find the Media Mutt shortcut. Give it a moment to load and the preview appears, then all you have to do is tap on “Save Video”.

Media Mutt is the tool for download media files (photo and video) that we all wish we had, thanks to its versatility and compatibility with so many platforms. Unfortunately it is not available in versions later than iOS 13.

To get Media Mutt you just have to go to the “shortcuts menu” and add it.

I hope this list is useful to you, if you know of any other route that I didn’t mention, please mention it in the comments.

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