Download the covers of your music and enjoy Kodi like a pro

It is more than likely that on many occasions by now you have already heard of the kodi media program. On many occasions this is used to play both videos and music, or view photos, but the application goes much further.

With this, what we want to tell you is that this open source software It offers us many more functions than the usual ones that we find in any player. Hence precisely the popularity that it has been acquiring over the years and the number of users growing. In addition to serving as a player for the commented content, this is a powerful program that helps us manage them, as well as being able to access online television channels, and even manage certain games and applications. All without talking about the add-ons that you can add to Kodi in order to increase its functionality.

Also, one of the strengths of this software is that it can work on the virtually all devices and operating systems current. While many users are content to add to their music libraries or videos, others try to squeeze the most out of the software. As a clear example of all this, the function that we are going to talk about in these lines related to the treatment of music files. And it is that many of you possibly have a library with thousands of musical themes that you reproduce from Kodi.

But at the same time we must bear in mind that this program allows us to go one step further in this regard. And it is that, if we delve a little into their configurable functions and featurescan add additional content to those own music files. To see everything you can do in this regard, we recommend that you follow the steps that we describe below.

Add covers and other content to your music on Kodi

The first thing we are going to do to benefit from this additional data that we can automatically add to music library, is to open the program in a conventional way. Next, we look at the gear-shaped button at the top of the main interface. A new window will appear on the screen with several categories corresponding to the sections that we can customize from here.

In the case at hand, we click on the so-called Contents, so now we find a left panel with different types of files. From here we can make some changes related to video, image or music files. As you can imagine, at this point we are interested in clicking on the section called Music. From that moment on, a series of parameters will appear in the right panel to configure this type of content in particular.

kodi music

From here we can specify to the program the local disk path from where we are going to extract the additional contents of the musical themes. But in the event that we do not have this data, we can also obtain it automatically on the internet. For this we only have choose the font for both artists and albums from our library and Kodi will take care of the rest.

In fact, we can even establish a quality of the images for the covers. These will be the ones that are going to be downloaded and we want not to saturate the library if we have a lot of music.

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