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If you’ve been wandering around the shops in your city for months looking for a PlayStation 5, but you still haven’t got your unit, it’s safe to say that even today you’re in luck. Sony just released a exclusive theme for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro for with the focus on the players and as a commemoration of the past Women’s Day. It’s about a theme quite striking, very well designed and that will be available for download in the console store for a limited time.

for you gamers

Women’s Day was last Tuesday, March 8. By that date, many brands make promotions and even modify their branding for a few days to support the equality movement between men and women. PlayStation also wants to do its bit in this fight, and for this reason, this year it has rewarded us with an exclusive theme for PlayStation on the occasion of Women’s Day. The Woman Theme 2022 is available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. Unfortunately, there is no version for PlayStation 5 because the Japanese company’s next-generation console does not yet allow you to install custom themes.

It might seem like the gift is a month late. However, it is not quite like that. Sony has not made reference to Women’s Day but to Women’s History Month (Women’s History Month 2022), which ends just this week. For this reason, and to celebrate the growing community of video game players, the Japanese have decided to publish an exclusive wallpaper for the PlayStation 4 family that can be downloaded for free using the codes which we will show you a little later. The design has been carried out by kaye caothe senior graphic designer at PlayStation Studios.

If you don’t have PlayStation 4, but you are curious to see what the theme is like, the designer has published all the images on her Behance profile, as well as a video in which you can see all the customization of the system, the sketches that did in his day and how was the creative process from start to finish in this curious work for Sony PlayStation. The publication was uploaded on March 31 in advance of Sony’s publication in its store.

How to download the theme

redeem ps4 code

Sony has provided different codes depending on the country in which we are, since the PlayStation Store is divided into several regions.

If you read us from Spain or any other country of Europeyou can download this plugin by redeeming the code 6NN5-B2NK-XQM9 from the PlayStation Store on your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 Pro.

If, on the other hand, you are in United States or Latin Americayou must enter the code that they have provided for Las Américas, which is as follows: 5DGE-AKNX-CGCD. Finally, the code for the Japanese Store is LDKE-4JNE-GJ57, while the one to use for countries that do not respond to any of these regions, as well as the rest of the Asian countries, is this other one: KJPP- L5NK-GCBX.

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