Download this horror game for free and become a 2 year old baby

Epic Games brings us this time a very original game that arrives at the perfect timing for Halloween. And it is that in Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition, you will put yourself in the shoes of a two-year-old baby who is desperately looking for his mother. The problem? That although the idea may seem touching, in reality there is a horror game that will make you have a really bad time.

Download Among the Sleep for free

Available until October 28, the new game to download for free on the Epic Games Store wants you to be scared in one of these fantastic Halloween evenings that we are going to have in the coming days. This is a game in which you will put yourself in the shoes of a little 2 year old baby that he is suffering a strange nightmare in which he desperately tries to find his mother.

After waking up in the middle of the night, the baby decides to look for mom by getting out of the crib, but on his way he will discover very strange and remote places among which he will run into more than one strange creature. Does crying babies in scary movies get on your nerves? Well now you are neither more nor less than that terrifying baby.

In this first-person adventure we will simply have to explore the corners of the worlds that will be presented to us, taking care at all times of the dangers and fears that will appear our way. And it is that remember that you are a 2-year-old baby who could be scared by anything. Or maybe not. You will only have to test your fear by advancing little by little in this peculiar adventure.

An improved version

Among the sleep

In the case of the version that gives the Epic Games Store, we are talking about the Enhanced Edition, an improved version that included better graphics, a better response in the control and more dialogue and better performance, so the experience will be more terrifying if possible. Plus, extras like behind-the-scenes content, digital art book, and digital soundtrack have been included, so you’ll receive the entire pack.

How can I download it?

To get the free download of Among the Sleep: Enhanced EditionAll you have to do is log in to the Epic Games Store and add the game to your library so that you can keep it forever in your profile. Then, if you want to start playing it, you will only have to download the official application so that you can install the game through the shuttle from the Epic Games Store. And yes, the Epic Games Store is only available for Windows, so forget about the corresponding Xbox, PlayStation and Switch versions. To play on the console you will have to pay.

Remember that every 15 days or so, the store gives away a new game, and the next October 28 (On the day that Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition will no longer be free), you can download Darq, another peculiar game based on nightmares and dream of a very characteristic character.

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