Dpg Legal creates the first office specialized in Social Security in Madrid

The regulation of relations with Social Security is implemented by specialist lawyers in law of this body, supervising three different areas: Social Security management –registrations/deregistrations, registration of companies, affiliations…–, benefits and affiliation regimes –general or special–. It is essential, therefore, to have an experienced lawyer to file claims or even defend against possible administrative errors by any of the entities that regulate Social Security.

According to the rankings of Emérita Legal, which uses verified data on judicial experience and efficiency to evaluate the efficiency of lawyers or law firms throughout Spain, Dpg Legal stands out in Madrid as the best positioned medium firm in the specialty of Social Security law –above direct competition such as Sagardoy Abogados, Bufete Casadeley or Busquets Law And Finance–. In large part, because among the lawyers specializing in Social Security law who practice in the city, two from the firm stand out.

jesus paschal

Jesús Pascual López is the first in the Madrid ranking in the senior category (with more than 15 years of professional experience). Graduated in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid (2003), he is director of the labor legal department of Dpg de Compensación por Accident, SL

He has developed work labor lawyer in the General Confederation of Workers (2004-2007), he was secretary of the board of directors of the Cleaning Society Revilla SL (2007-2009), he was a member of the penitentiary legal guidance service of the Madrid Bar Association (2006) and developed Work as a junior lawyer in the Law Firm “Menorca 40 Lawyers” (2005-2007). In addition, he is a professor of the Master of Access to the Legal Profession at the Cardenal Cisneros University, subject “Professional Lawyer Ethics”.

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He stands out for his knowledge and practical experience in labor matters, from the legal defense of workers who are victims of work-related accidents to dismissals, collective bargaining, disability pensions…

Carlos Cabanas

Carlos Cabañas Area appears in second place in the Madrid ranking of Emérita Legal in the Intermediate category (from 6 to 10 years of professional practice). Graduated in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid, he specialized in Labor Law and Human Resources (Master from IMF Business School-UCJC). He is also an environmental auditor for the Spanish Association for Quality (2008). He began his professional activity as a general lawyer at Plenix, SL

In March 2016, he joined the Dpg team, within the labor legal department. He has specialized in claiming damages arising from work accidents in the social and criminal jurisdiction, in addition to carrying out procedures for surcharging benefits due to lack of security measures and infraction acts.

Likewise, he has extensive experience in claims before the social jurisdiction for Social Security contributory benefits –especially benefits for permanent disability–. The Emérita Legal rankings are based on their own indicator, the Judicial Performance Index (IRJ), which objectively and independently evaluates the judicial performance of lawyers and law firms through the analysis of millions of cases and the application of an algorithm based on advanced statistical techniques. The analysis is carried out through a judicial analytics system that detects up to 45 variables to calculate the results factor through two combined indicators: the success rate –how many times the lawyer achieves a positive result– and the average analog difficulty. However, the system also takes into account the lawyer’s experience and other indicators of similar importance.

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