Dragon Quest Tact is now available for Android phones 2021

Square Enix has announced that its free collection-based Dragon Quest Tact tactical RPG is coming to the West for Android. In February (2020), Square announced the game for Japan, and it looks like it launched in July (2020) and has already racked up 500,000 installs. I suppose this success is the reason why the game will soon reach new territories. While the English version will not be released until 2021, it is already available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store .

Since the English trailer for Dragon Quest Tact for Android doesn’t actually shows no game, I’ve placed the Japanese trailer above so people can at least take a look at what the title will offer. Square describes the game as a “tactical RPG for mobile devices”, which is a fair description, although if you look at the Japanese Play Store listing, you’ll see that the reviews mention low drop rates and questionable monetization, so this gacha title should fit in well with the rest of Square’s free catalog.

What can you do in Dragon Quest Tact for Android?

As you would expect from a gacha game, you can collect all kinds of monsters from the Dragon Quest universe to use in battle against your enemies in a tactical grid-like layout. While we don’t yet know what kind of in-app purchases the English version will offer, it is clear that the Japanese version already contains IAPs ranging up to $ 79.99 per item.

Now, if you want to get your hands on Dragon Quest Tact early, a closed beta test will be running soon , and all you have to do to register is to pre-register on the Play Store. Participants in the beta will be selected at random, although it is not known which western territories will participate. So if you want to try your luck trying Dragon Quest Tact before its official release in the West, you can pre-register here .


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