Draw and paint with these great programs and plugins on sale

Humble bundle is one of the best platforms to buy games and programs, as long as they have what we are looking for. Every so often, this website releases software packages that allow us to get games, programs, ebooks or other digital content for much less than what it would cost us to buy it on other platforms. All digital content is DRM-free and, in addition, donate part, or all, of the money we pay to different NGOs. If you are looking for painting or drawing programs, you should not miss this new bundle.

The new Humble Software Bundle – Paint and Draw will allow us to get 4 programs, and 14 accessories, for only 16.42 euros. All the included material is compatible with Windows and macOS, and is valued at $ 500.

Contents of the Humble Software Bundle – Paint and Draw

Unlike other bundles, this one only has one payment method. We can pay 16.42 euros, or any amount higher, to unlock all the elements of the package. If we pay less we will not get any elements, and if we pay more we will not unlock more plugins or programs.

Of the 18 items, 4 of them are programs. These are:

  • Rebel: program from natural paint to watercolor, acrylic paint and more.
  • Flame Painter– Paint program with all kinds of particle brushes.
  • Amberlight: excellent program to create fractal images created by computer.
  • Inspirit– Relaxing painting program to create mandalas and kaleidoscope images.

In addition to these 4 programs, we will also find different add-ons and plugins to improve its functionality. In the case of Rebelle, what we are going to achieve with a series of canvases on which to paint: watercolor, white, essential, classic, washi fusion, and handmade. For Flame Painter, we are going to find a great variety of brushes and brushes all types. We can find flame, rainbow, trace, linear styles … even a plugin to connect the program with Photoshop. Of the other two programs there are no add-ons included in this bundle.

How to get all these programs

All we have to do is access this link to go directly to the software package page. If you don’t have a Humble Bundle account, it’s a good time to create one. On the right side we can choose the amount of money we want to pay for this software, starting with the minimum amount (16.42 euros) and being able to enter any other amount. When making the payment, the activation keys will appear in our profile, and we can use them to download and activate the programs on our computer.

This offer will not be available forever, but, as usual, it will only last a few days, until mid-July. Therefore, if we do not want to miss the opportunity to get this complete collection of painting programs, we should not take long to pay and get it, even if we do not need the programs right now.

It is important to note that, normally, the keys obtained through this type of page they are not used to update to new versions, like Rebelle 4. If we want to use the latest version of the program we will have to go to the cashier and update our password, or buy a new one.

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