Dress like the Rubius, where can you buy his clothes?

Rubius: an internet icon

It would be a bit strange to think that there are many people who do not know Rubius today. A true icon of the YouTube social network, the gamer / freak world and, of course, the streaming platform Twitch.

This young man who started uploading video game videos on the internet in the early days of YouTube and now has a staggering number of 40.1 million followers on elrubiusOMG, its main channel. In the case of live content through Twitch, has 10 million followers that accompany him every day. And, even, we have also been able to see him starring in television commercials or starring in official presentations of brands such as Sony.

All this has led him to become a true icon of the masses who notice each movement he makes, each place he goes and shares through his networks, or each garment he wears.

Specifically, in all these years that he has been sharing part of his life, Rubius has become an icon of the urban fashion for young. Wearing comfortable and loose clothing as well as eye-catching. A clear example of this is what he shares through his Instagram account, where we can see him wearing clothes such as: very colorful sweatshirts, tracksuits and sports shoes.

Where to buy the clothes of the Rubius?

As public figures tend to do with Rubius’ engagement, he has taken advantage of his influence on different occasions to generate more business (as is normal, of course).

For example, specifically speaking of clothing, it has launched a garment with well-known brands such as Bershka on several occasions. Or, even, its influence has meant that wearing a garment at a certain time has generated a certain controversy behind said garment.

Although, as is usual among the most popular influencers, Rubius also has his own brand of merchandising. Specifically, this brand is known as Rubius Corp and has its own website.

Through the different sections of this page we can find different elements that Rubius himself shows daily in all its content such as sweatshirts, t-shirts, bags, hats, backpacks, masks and much more.

Specifically, within Rubius Corp we can distinguish three collections different:

  • Mad kat: the best known of all. Its icon is the silhouette of the cat’s smile in the animated film Alice in Wonderland. This is the most complete line of merchandising from this creator.
  • Anti Otaku Otaku Club: a collection of T-shirts and sweatshirts with a logo made up of Korean letters. The theme is based, as the name suggests, on “anti otaku” clothing.
  • Yandere: a production of the same t-shirts and sweatshirts that we see in the other lines but, in this case, they incorporate different references to anime content.

So, if you want to get hold of any of this YouTuber’s garments, you will only have to visit your website to be able to purchase it and dress, in part, like Rubius himself.

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