Dress up this Halloween inspired by your favorite series

TV series (or rather, streaming) are a pure trend. So why not tie this in with the holiday of Halloween? We leave you here some ideas to inspire you and be the most cool from the party.


There must have been something positive in that Sleep They will steal his mask during the first season of his series. And you won’t need to carry it with you if you dress up as him.

If you lived through that time when being emo It was cool—yes, the one in which Tokio Hotel was the best—I’m sure you’re dying to dress up as this character.

CyberPunk: Edgerunners

cyberpunk edgerunners costume.jpg

Thank you David Martínez for having such an easy costume. the protagonist of edgerunners, the most successful anime this year, wears a jacket that anyone can make at home. You just need to modify a bit a reflective vest one of those that you have to carry in the car. Add to that a pair of sweatpants, a fake gold chain and you can go out on the street with your cyberware. If you want to make it more horror, make your own Sandevistan Mk. v and stick it to the back with the blood and corresponding wounds. It will be impossible not to attract attention.

The good thing about this costume is that if you run out of clutch on a hill halfway to the party, someone will surely stop to help you, which would not happen if you were dressed as a girl from the curve. By the way, judging by the number of cosplay what are they seeing from Lucy and Rebeccaalmost certainly there will also be two costumes that will cause a sensation this year.

Eddie Munson

eddie munson

This costume, in addition to being simple, is sure to be seen a lot these days. Without a doubt, one of the best characters that this last season of stranger things. Also, if you agree with your friends to dress up each one of a character together, then all the better.

Lawyer Hulka

lawyer hulka.jpg

If you have not missed a gym session this year, you can dare with the costume of she hulk. All you need is a polka dot dress and lots of green makeup. A perfect costume to bring out the powerlifter What do you have inside?

The Milwaukee Butcher


If last year, kids from all over the world took to the streets with a pink jumpsuit for The Squid Game —which in turn was a recycled costume of The Money Heistit must be said, this year, we have no doubt that there is another Netflix production that is going to succeed among the kids -not without controversy, precisely because of how it has been romanticized to a serial killer. We speak, of course, of the costume of Jeffrey Dahmerwhose documentary series has not gone unnoticed.

The House of the Dragon

The House of the Dragon.

You still have time to go to your trusted bazaar to buy one platinum blonde wig to recreate a look of the universe Game of Thrones. if you ever did cosplay Legolas, you can also recycle the costume.

With this you can pretend to be the lost cousin of the Targaryens, the 327th Aegon of the family. You’ll also need a fleece blanket for a cape, a toy sword, and a giant Kinder Egg if you don’t have time to make yourself an Art Attack project dragon egg.

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