DriCloud will open a virtual environment for medical consultations in the metaverse

Since the pandemic broke out, telemedicine has become one of the great protagonists in the health environment, and has been essential for maintaining communication between health professionals and their patients. According to data from DriCloud, a pioneer company in Spain in medical software in the cloud, since March 2020, telemedicine services increased their use by more than 1000%. In the last two years, it has allowed thousands of patients to receive medical care during periods of social distancing.

But remote medical care will not be limited to the current health crisis. “It has been practiced since new technologies allow it and it will be more and more common”. That’s how he understands Henry Galindo, medical director of DriCloud, who believes that telemedicine will find in the metaverse the space it needs to universalize it definitively.

The firm specializing in cloud medical software is already working on the development of a virtual environment for medical consultations in the metaverse. Health professionals and patients will meet in Meta to give and receive medical assistance when attendance is not required.It will make it possible to streamline and reduce waiting lists, and make the procedures that must be carried out when passing the consultation easier for both the professional and the patient. And, in addition, in situations of confinement or home isolation, it will improve the quality of communication between both.”.

Virtual consultations are part of the natural evolution of the DriCloud project, a medical software that from its origin is designed to operate 100% in the cloud. The firm allowed thousands of doctors and their patients to benefit from being able to follow their treatments and medical check-ups with video calls during the worst moments of the pandemic. “Now we are working on virtual consultations with 3D glasses like the OCULUS ones”they explain from DriCloud, that with its start-up it will become one of the pioneering companies in bringing medical consultations to the metaverse.

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