Drive, walk, play soccer or kill zombies in Spain thanks to these games

Over time, everything related to the video game sector has improved substantially, and what remains to be seen. Today we can find really impressive titles in terms of graphics and its gameplay. But that does not mean that others that are older or more modest lose their charm, quite the opposite.

In addition, we have at our fingertips all kinds of categories and types of games depending on our tastes. So we can adapt this software focused on leisure to our needs or preferences at any given time without any problem. Whether you are a fan of role playing, sports, strategythe adventures, or the platformsyou have at your fingertips a huge number of titles, sometimes at very attractive prices.

In these same lines we want to focus on a series of games that in whole or in part have a setting in our country, Spain. This will make us somehow go through certain sectors of our national geography digitized in these games that we will talk about. Whether walking, killing enemies or riding a Formula 1perhaps the scenarios that we find in certain parts of these video games will be more than familiar to us.

shadow of war. Without a doubt, this is one of the mythical titles that takes place in national territory. In fact, it is centered on the Spanish Civil Waralthough it is a title that is already a good number of years old and we are hardly going to find it in sale. It is worth knowing that it is a real-time strategy video game.

F1 22. Car lovers are sure to know this spectacular title that allows us to digitally drive a powerful Formula 1. We can find it for download on Steam, or enjoy it on the Microsoft console and the Sony PlayStation.

Call of Duty WWII. Part of this game takes place in National territory, since its protagonists pass through our country. Specifically the map is called Cervantes Winery and it passes somewhere to the north of our peninsula. We can get hold of this title and kill as many zombies as we can on our Xbox or PlayStation console.

The pillars of the earth. This is a game based on the extraordinary novel by Ken Follet that mostly takes place in the village of Kingsbridge, England. But at the end of it, a part takes place in the north of Spain. You can buy this game at a discount right now for PC.

resident evil 4. If you are more of horror games and annihilate monsters of all kinds, this game, which is partly developed in our country, is sure to enchant you. You can pre-order the remastered version from this discounted link as it launches tomorrow. Likewise, you can get the original version of the game for PC or Xbox.

FIFA 23. As expected, we can also enjoy this popular game in some virtual soccer fields in our country and that you can buy for all kinds of platforms right now.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. And what to say about this popular saga which I’m sure most of you are familiar with. This specific title has a part that takes place in our national territory, so you can check it out thanks to this offer

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