Driver: Ubisoft is developing a TV series based on the video game

Driver, one of the most popular driving franchises made by Ubisoft, is about to make its return, but this time in the form of a TV series.

He will think about developing the series Ubisoft Film & Television, which will then release the show on streaming platforms.

Driver: Ubisoft working to make a TV series

The series Driver, which began with the first chapter in 1999, put us in the shoes of John Tanner, a policeman infiltrated a criminal gang with the aim of discovering its plans and dismantling it.

Consisting of 6 video games and with the sixth chapter released in 2011, the Driver saga could see the light again with the arrival of a TV series in development at Ubisoft’s Film & Television section.

This was announced by Ubisoft’s television development manager Danielle Kreinik through a post on the company’s blog:

Our mission at Ubisoft is to bring our games to life in new and exciting ways, creating content set in the world, culture and community of gaming. Working with Binge will allow us to bring a Drivers series directly to the public, eager to see this franchise come to life.

The hope is that the series in development for streaming platforms will bring a renewed interest in the videogame saga with Ubisoft which, if the series were to be successful, could think about the creation of new chapters for the next gen consoles.

The live action adaptations taken from video games have never had the hoped for success, apart from a few small exceptions or the upcoming ones The Last of Us And Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, which promise to be faithful to the source material.

With Ubisoft at the head of the project, the quality of the final product could maintain the expectations of fans and the possibility of seeing the events of John Tanner on the small screen.

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