Drones for children: what to consider and the best models

Why it can be an excellent gift for a child

Children are born with technology in their hands. That’s good because it can stimulate their intellect and curiosity, but negative if it makes them sedentary in front of the screen.

Therefore, a drone is an excellent gift for a child because it combines the best of both worlds.

On the one hand, it serves to spark their interest in how things work, technology, and even engineering and robotics. On the other, the drone allows perform outdoor activities, unhook from screens and even play with other friends and socialize.

Over time, it is possible that the child will deepen his interest in this type of device or the hobbies that it allows to develop, such as photography and video, nature observation and even engineering.

But nevertheless, not all drones are worth when it comes to the youngest. It is very important to take into account certain things when buying or giving a drone to a child.

What 4 things to consider when choosing it

camera drone for kids

When buying or giving away a drone suitable for the youngest, we must consider the following.

1. The age and the use that is going to be given

Where does the child live? How old are you? Will they allow you to use the drone outside and in nature often? Without adult supervision? Are you interested in technology or are you just attracted to it as a toy?

The first thing is to think about how is the child, what hobbies does he have and what use you think it will give.

If you are not very interested, there is no point in starting by spending too much or buy something very complex. If you are not interested in photography and it is for gaming, it does not make sense to invest in something with a spectacular camera either.

2. Security

This is the most important and the main criterion when choosing a drone for children. Depending on the age, nothing that may have very small, sharp parts or with items that are a safety hazard.

Also, it must be resistant, so that it lasts long enough.

3. Ease of use

Either the drone is easy to fly or the child will quickly become frustrated.

Flying a drone can be an art that requires skill. The ideal for children is that all this is not necessary and, in a few minutes, they can be in the air and not fall.

4. Compliance with laws and good practices

In general, we should buy a drone that is not a danger to anyone and that neither be large, nor cumbersome. That way, it is difficult for the child to break some of the laws regarding drone flying.

Likewise, it is important not to make the child dizzy with many warnings, because he will stop listening right away, but we must instill in him basic flight rules. Do it in your own controlled area (without risks, such as deep water or ravines), do not fly it near anyone and do not invade any privacy.

How is the perfect drone for children

best drone for kids

Taking into account the above, the perfect drone for children must meet three basic characteristics.

1. cheap

We are always in time to raise the level and price if the child ends up passionate about the subject. Because, better to start with the economic and see if it is attracted enough.

Similarly, it is for children and that means that the chances of breaking are much higher. Until you know how to use it, we choose the cheapest, as long as we don’t compromise on security, of course.

Spending too much so that it stays in a closet or breaks right away is the worst thing we can do.

2. Simple

So that the child can fly it without too much trouble from minute one.

If you don’t, you’ll soon get tired and end up in a corner. Let’s remember, easy controls and little need for preparation.

3. Safe and sturdy

That is, suitable for children in terms of construction and handling.

without being too delicate, or with dangerous parts such as sharp blades or very small things, which can be swallowed by the child or another smaller child in the house.

The best models available for purchase

Selection of the best drones for kids

So that you start off on the right foot and comply with everything we have seen, we have made a careful selection of some of the best drone models for kids.

Avialogic Q9s, the best first drone for children

The Avialogic Q9s is our initial recommendation for buying a child their first drone. It complies with all of the above and, in addition, it is shocking and funny.

His play of light makes it a sight to fly, especially at night. the drone is small and cheap (normally, below 60 euros), so it does not have the capacity to cause great damage.

And if it breaks, we won’t be broke either, so we can give the kid free rein to use it whenever and however he wants.

Furthermore, it is resistant and its blades are protected, so as not to cause damage or destroy the house.

Finally, takes off and lands with a button and can operate at 3 speeds according to the skill of the child. Its control also looks like that of a video console, so the most gamers will be able to fly it well from minute one.

It doesn’t have a camera, it’s a toy to fly outside or even inside.

Avialogic Q10, the best first drone for kids with a camera

If what you want is a camera, then the best choice is also from Avialogic and it is a step up from the previous one, the Q10.

with one of 720p resolution, we like the battery life (about 20 minutes of flight, which does not seem like much, but doubles what is usual in those small sizes) and that continues to meet the requirements that we have seen.

Take off and land with a button, it is easy to take selfies and receive real-time image on the mobile screen, its propellers have protectors that do not take away aerodynamics and you usually find it for about 60 euros. You can’t ask for more for less.

Loolin Z3, the ideal choice for slightly older children

If we want to raise the age and level, we also have to raise the price. But in the segment of 130 eurosFew drones for kids can beat the Loolin Z3.

If the kid is over 10 years old and interested in drones and the image, this one is easy and resistant enough, while at the same time carries a 1080p full HD camera. also has a flotation system which makes images and video look perfect.

We like that it brings 3 batteries, about 20 minutes each, so you can go out with the drone and fly it for an entire hour. Its handling is also very easy.

Potensic T25, 2K camera, but suitable for (large) children

In the same line of drones with a good camera and features, but still suitable for children (yes, from 12 years old or so), we have this Potensic T25.

The price is extended to 200 euros, but the possibilities too. Obviously, the main improvement is the camera, but also the range of scope (up to 300 meters). The intelligent flight modes, which allow you to do amazing things without being an expert pilot, as well as the compatibility with VR glasses, make it the excellent choice if you want to give the most.

To be honest, We do not recommend that you spend more than 200 euros on a drone for children.

We could tell you that for 300 you already start to find 4K cameras and professional features, but it goes beyond what a child needs. In addition, they are already more sensitive devices, suitable for an adult, although some companies advertise them for children.

Likewise, we don’t want to overwhelm you with options. For the different needs and situations, we have chosen the best from the wide range that there is. So now you know, if you want drones for children, this is the main thing you need to know and you will not fail with this selection.

This article contains affiliate links. The Output could receive a commission in the event that you buy something from what is here. However, that has not had any influence on our selection, which we have taken care to ensure that it is safe and of quality for children.

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