Dropbox is already compatible with Apple M1

Dropbox's new beta makes it more like iCloud

In mid-January, Dropbox released the first beta of the Dropbox app for devices powered by Apple’s M1 processor. A month and a half later, the application has left the beta phase and is already available to all users.

Dropbox has been taking the conversion process of its file synchronization application very slowly since Apple announced the transition to ARM processors in June 2020. In fact, at the end of 2021, announced that it was not a priority.

Fortunately for users of this platform with an M1, the company reversed his decision after the scandal that generated a post on their blog stating that they had no plans to launch an application for these processors.

to some extent it can be understood that it was not a prioritysince it is an application that works in the background synchronizing files and that consumes very few resources.

However, when it comes to syncing large files, things change a lot.

Dropbox now available for ARM processors

The new version of Dropbox compatible with Apple Silicon is now available on the web for download. According to the company, when the current client detects that there is an update, if it is a Mac with M1, It will automatically download the version for ARM computers.

drop box It has not been the only company that has taken it easy when updating the app to manage cloud storage files. Microsoft updated its app to be compatible with ARM computers a few days ago.

Google also took its time, however, the version of Google Drive for Apple ARM equipment is available from middle of last year.

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