Dual Screen with Virtual Keyboard and Wireless Charging Capabilities on a PC: Apple Idea

Perhaps the most important thing about Apple is not its present devices, if not those of the future. For this, the R + D + I division is something spectacular in the company. The number of patents that are registered every day in the name of the American company is a very high number. It is not always easy and sometimes there are disputes over those legal rights. The case at hand today is this: A dispute over a computer with a dual screen, virtual keyboard and wireless charging capabilities. At the moment it seems that the original idea is for Apple.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted a patent to Apple for a MacBook of Dual screen with a virtual keyboard that replaces the traditional keyboard and with the ability to charge an iPhone wirelessly. As reported by Patently Apple, this patent was filed three years ago, but it is now that we can say that it is Apple who can boast that the idea has left its facilities.

Apple’s patent illustrates a virtual keyboard in a traditional layout. However, because the images of the keys of this type of keyboard are produced by a screen under the upper case, Different keyboard layouts could be supported. On top of that dual-screen MacBook, the virtual keyboard area could be used. In this way as well use another available user interface that could function as a game controller.

This imaginative MacBook, would include biometric sensors, like Face ID. Fingerprint sensors and a wireless charger, for other Apple devices with this charging capacity.

Apple says that this virtual keyboard could be rearranged, swapping the position of the virtual keyboard and the trackpad. With a virtual keyboard, Apple could also bring iOS and iPadOS gestures, like pinch, zoom, swipe to select..etc;

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