DualSense is now compatible with Android 12

Of the people who have been able (and wanted, of course) to get hold of a PlayStation 5 since its launch until now and with whom I have spoken, there is a point in which all the evaluations coincide: the great gaming experience that DualSense provides, the new control knob, which in addition to its design (very attractive, in my opinion) also introduces a new feedback system, much more complete than what we have had so far in the gamepads console, PC and smartphone.

Tato is so even Phil Spencer himself, executive vice president of Gaming at Microsoft and head of Xbox, did not hesitate a few months ago to praise the Sony DualSense… Also sweeping home, of course: «’We will probably do something new with the Xbox controller. I think Sony has done a good job with their controller, and, as at the time we value these functions, We think that there are things we should do».

Will the new Xbox controller arrive with a predictable console refresh that could happen in a year or two, or will we have to wait for the next generation? Be that as it may, Sony is not going to stop taking advantage of the advantage with which it plays at the moment with your controller, and a very smart way to do it is to extend its support to other platforms, that is, to make it as easy as possible to use DualSense beyond PlayStation 5.

Practically since its launch, the DualSense has been compatible with other operating systems, and developers such as Valve have made sure that their platforms were compatible with it. The difference, of course, is marked by the level of support offered, and this is where the really interesting thing is, in that Sony (and the OS and the developers, of course), are able to provide an experience that takes full advantage of the DualSense features.

And it seems that this will already be possible in Android 12 when we use PS Remote. As we can read in a tweet on the official PlayStation account on the social network, «New PS Remote Play update for Android 12 users allows pairing with a DualSense wireless controller and new DualShock 4 features including touch panel, motion sensor, vibration and battery indicator«.

In this way, users who have a device with Android 12 (very few at the moment, but the list will grow substantially in the short term) and who want to use it to play remotely through PS Remote with their PlayStation 5, not only will be able to do so , but They will also enjoy the peculiarities of the Sony remote control.

This is, as I said, a very smart move on the part of Sony, which knows that when it comes to controllers right now it has the upper hand. Achieving further improvement of the DualSense experience by taking it to new platforms can help the Japanese technology company to consolidate that position, thus making it a little more difficult for Microsoft for the next and for now still distant generation.

If you want to buy a Sony DualSense, now you can find the special edition Midnight Black for only 67.99 euros on Amazon.

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