DuckDuckGo launches a web browser on MacOS, here’s how to install it

DuckDuckGo announces the launch of its web browser on the MacOS operating system. The software incorporates the fundamentals of DuckDuckGo: respect for privacy, protection of confidential data and speed of navigation. This macOS version is only in beta version. We tell you how to get it. And a Windows version is coming soon.

duckduckgo mac os

DuckDuckGo is one of the most used alternatives to Google Search in the world. The engine is accessible on both computer and smartphone. Its credo is simple: respect for privacy above all. This requires more drastic management of cookies and advertising spaces. This goes through private browsing by default. This goes through encrypted connections and protected emails.

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On Android, you can even choose to make it your default search engine when you launch the phone. All you have to do is choose it from the list that appears when the system asks you what your preferred engine is. To go further, DuckDuckGo has developed a web browser for smartphones. It has been downloaded 150 million times in four years.

The DuckDuckGo browser is coming to MacOS and soon to Windows

Users have long been asking for a version of the browser to be developed for Mac and Windows computers. It is now done. DuckDuckGo announces the arrival in beta of the MacOS version of his browser. And a Windows version will arrive very soon. As this is a “beta” version, it is not freely accessible. Go to the end of this article to find out how to take advantage of it.

You will of course find all the tools to guarantee the respect of your online privacy. It blocks activity trackers. He alone manages the windows that ask you to accept cookies. It protects emails. It guarantees a secure connection to all sites. It incorporates a single button to delete all browsing data. And of course it manages passwords securely. DuckDuckGo further announces that it is faster than Chromewhile consuming much less data (about 60% less).

How to Install DuckDuckGo Browser on MacOS

As we mentioned earlier, DuckDuckGo for macOS is in beta. This means that the application is not not yet available on the Mac AppStore (where you find today the extension for Safari). To download the beta version of the browser, here is a simple step-by-step:

duckduckgo mac os
  1. Download the app to your smartphone DuckDuckGo Private Browser (on App Store or Play Store)
  2. Open the app and open the menu with the three dots at the top left. Then select ” Settings “.
  3. In this menu, go to the section “ More from DuckDuckGo » with three applications in beta and chooseDuckDuckGo Desktop App “.
  4. In the new window, selectJoin the Private Waitlist “. The message then indicates that you will receive a notification confirming that your version of DuckDuckGo for Mac is ready.
  5. The notification will appear on your smartphone. She will give you a link to an application download page for MacOS as well asa code which gives you the right to download.
  6. Download then the application and throw it to initiate the installation.
  7. Open then the application whose icon appeared in the software drawer. A window will certainly tell you that this application has not been downloaded from the Mac AppStore and that you must confirm its opening.
  8. Open a file explorer. Choose “Apps” in the Favorites bar on the left and search for DuckDuckGo. Right click (or click with the “command” key pressed, or double tap with the trackpad) on the application icon and choose “to open“. This confirms that you want to open the “application of unknown origin” (this operation only needs to be done once).

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