DuckDuckGo’s Mac Browser, in beta, is now available for Mac


It’s been a long time, several months, before we can finally test DuckDuckGo’s new browser. We all know the facet of the duck in terms of search engine, but now it has wanted to launch with your own browser for Mac because for Android and iOS it was already there. You know, that, as for the search engine, it is considered to be a hybrid search engine. In addition to using its own crawler, DuckDuckBot, it also taps into the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) of the major Internet search engines. Your browser may be something similar.

It was logical that DuckDuckGo would arrive in the form of a browser on our Macs, after already having its version for Android and iOS and being one of the preferred search engines for users who like privacy, sometimes over the optimal results. Its strong point, although I repeat myself I think it is important, is privacy. The web does not store the IP address, so the results of your future searches do not depend on any history, preferences or personalized questions based on your tastes.

for now, the web browser is in beta. But now you can try it and it must be said that it is not bad at all, but it still has enough left to be completely practical and functional for day-to-day use. Being a browser that has been written almost entirely from scratch, in order to preserve the privacy of the user, it is easy to intuit that it does not support many functions that we surely miss. For example, browser extensions or password managers.

Do not panic. Those features will come, but not at first. So it is likely that this duck should not be completely ruled out in its new functions. Like your browser, the main characteristic that defines the browser is the maintenance of privacy. Help prevent being tracked online, it blocks what the company calls “invasive trackers” before they even load, which can save a lot of data transmission and make pages load faster and run smoother.

By the way, like the search engine, the browser, has the “Fire button”. A one-click button to bomb all browsing history and data. Unlike the mobile versions, the Mac browser gives you the option to clear only the data for the sites visited in the current tab or current window.

Now, the best of the best of this new browser is what is called the Duck Player. The player that together with YouTube, works wonders. It uses the same viewer as Google, but with the difference that most of the identification and tracking code is blocked. Amazingly, it removes all targeted ad code and cookies. With this, because many YouTube ads rely on deep individual targeting, we’ll have far fewer ads. Now the bad part, so to speak, is that we won’t get recommended videos based on your viewing history.

Since this is only version 0.30, we can expect DuckDuckGo be in beta for maybe another year or so. But this means that its launch is likely to be complete.

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