Dune 2 finished filming: this is what we know at the moment

It seems incredible but we are already at the end of 2022 and that can only mean one thing: that the countdown to see the second part of Dune it is getting smaller and smaller. And it is that, although there are still 11 months left for its premiere, at least we are learning new details and even seeing images which confirm that everything is still going smoothly and at the times established to ensure its coming-out in November 2023. This is what we know so far about the film.

Filming finished!

With the short title of “Dune 2 wrapped” the protagonist of the tape, Timothée Chalamet has announced on his official Instagram account that the second part of Villeneuve’s great film is now ready in terms of shooting. In case you didn’t know, the expression “wrap” is used in the world of cinema to indicate that the entire filming phase of the film has finished, moving then to post-production and being closer to its premiere on the billboard.

Here you can see the image of the actor, who currently has nearly three million likes on the social network:

There are now several months of post-production ahead to get everything ready and, of course, the start of a promotional campaign that we imagine will gradually take shape. Without going any further, Chalamet shared at the beginning of the month an image of himself in the desert “inserted” in the skin of paul atreides that unleashed madness among the fans:

When is Dune 2 released in theaters?

The film, which continues the story started in 2021, will be released on the big screen on November 3, 2023. As you probably already know, the film is based on the great book by Frank Herbert, considered one of the greatest standards of the science fiction novel and the initiator of an important saga that has sold millions and millions of copies around the world.

Rebecca Ferguson in Dune.

After several failed adaptation attempts, it seems that the director Denis Villeneuve He has managed to hit the nail on the head, knowing how to take the complex story of Dune to the movies and making a great and faithful portrayal of its characters.

The first part served to learn a little about the history and motivations of the families and the rest of the protagonist, leaving us at the gates of Paul’s (and his mother’s) acceptance within the Fremen community. In this new stage we will see how he develops among them while the social and political turmoil resulting from the attack on the Atreides family continues.


For this we will have new faces like those of Florence Pugh either Austin Butlerwithout letting see the aforementioned Chalamet or Zendaya. As you can imagine, just because of the huge legion of fans that these four actors move, the second part of this blockbuster has guaranteed success. What a desire to see her.

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