Dune 2: Zendaya promises that she will be more present in the second part

As we watched the trailers and posters of Dune before the movie’s theatrical release, it looked like Zendaya (Chani) would have occupied a very important part in the 2 hours and 35 minutes of the duration of the film; and indeed it was, even though it was mainly the same two repeated scenes in Paul’s dreams. Now, however, it is Zendaya herself who makes it clear that her character will be more present in Dunes 2, the second part of the film by Denis Villeneuve.

In Dune 2 we will see more Zendaya (and therefore more Chani), of course

Speaking with Deadline, Zendaya has promised that Chani’s story will be explored more in the next act of Dune, whose arrival in theaters, we remember, is expected for the October 20, 2023 (although director Denis Villeneuve appears to be concerned about this release date).

“I can be there longer, which is a good thing”, the actress said jokingly that, during casting, she could pretty much only boast Spider-Man movies in her film résumé. “Denis is very good at giving you an approach, but also at giving you the necessary freedom within it”, has continued. “I could do it with a sense of who Chani was… I immediately felt connected to her. I wish I had more time with her and everyone. I didn’t want to leave “.

When she arrived in Jordan, Zendaya said she got to meet everyone who was there already dressed in their stage clothes, which was “A fantastic way to be introduced to everyone, practically already in their character”.

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