Dune: excellent takings in the first weekend

The first weekend programming in cinema Italians recorded excellent takings for Dunes, the new film adaptation of Denis Villeneuve of the first novel in the Cycle of Frank Herbert.

Almost 300,000 tickets sold in just 4 days, making it the highest grossing film in the third weekend of September.

Dune: here are the excellent takings in the first weekend

2 million, 136 thousand euros and change for the first weekend of the film’s programming; an excellent result, which propels Dune to the top of the best debuts of the year in Italy, of which you can also find our review. It is, moreover, the best film debut since the beginning of the pandemic: Black Widow and Tenet beaten.

Worldwide, Dune makes records nearly $ 37 million at the box office: in first place Russia (7.6 million), closely followed by France (7.5 million) and Germany (4.9); our country is the fourth largest market for collections globally. It is still too early to define a trend and hypothesize any final revenue, also because, for now, the film has only been released in 24 countries. The giants of the United States and China, among others, are missing, with the latter proving to be the first world market in cinema, having, since the beginning of the pandemic, clearly surpassed North America.

But returning to the figures of the boot, the 287,000 tickets sold by Denis Villeneuve’s new film make Dune the seventh gross of the year 2021; we will see in the coming days if the film manages to undermine the almost 5 million dollars raised by Me Against You – The Mystery of the Enchanted School, but the youtuber duo’s feature film has something to “worry about”.

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