Dune: the photo of Timothée Chalamet in the subway in 2018 that is already viral

The movie Dune it was released in theaters a little over a month ago and yet it seems that now when it is receiving more attention from the general public. Perhaps it is because Warner has finally confirmed the realization of a second part – note that some languages ​​even speak three – or perhaps because of the intense promotion that its protagonists are doing. Among them is the industry’s new golden boy, Timothée Chalamet, of which an image has now been published, taken from him in 2018 in the subway, which is at least curious because it is related precisely to the film. Can you imagine why? We show it to you.

Dune, the phenomenon of the moment

When Denis Villeneuve envisioned bringing one of his favorite works from adolescence to the big screen, he never imagined that a pandemic would turn his plans upside down. Dune It was scheduled for 2020, but the closure of all commercial activity, in practically the entire planet due to the happy virus, caused it to be postponed for a whole year. Finally a month ago the film was released in theaters and also made the leap to a streaming platform -something that Villeneuve He did not like it at all, but that is not what concerns us today – allowing fans of Frank Herbert’s book to see that it was possible to bring such a story to theaters and emerge victorious from the mission.

The film has not yet achieved the collection figures that were expected at the time, but the reality of the pandemic has forced Legendary Pictures, its production company, and Warner to understand that they are the best results that could be obtained in such special circumstances (People still do not go to the cinema with the same assiduity and many have preferred to watch it streaming from home) and that a second part was a good decision.

Its protagonists will have to put themselves back into the shoes of the characters of Dune and prepare well for the continuation of the story, although we know of someone, read Chalamet, who seems to have the task more than well done …

The photo of Timothée reading Dune

Precisely the great success of the film and the hype that its actors are receiving thanks to the promotion has caused a photo of its protagonist, Timothée Chalamet, taken in the New York subway in 2018, to begin to go viral on the internet. In it we can see the actor sitting next to the door of a wagon and with a book in his hands. This is none other than Dune, so it seems that by then, the new mass idol was reading the science fiction novel to soak up the story well – by then he would probably have been assigned the role as Paul Atreides even if it wasn’t something public.

The image was shared on Twiter by the user @HelloMattStarr, responsible for taking the photo, and now uploading “in honor of the new movie Dune”:

The tweet has been taped 1,500 times, retweeted almost 11 thousand and accumulates 119.4 thousand likes at the time of this writing. Slight spoiler the actor was doing at that time, eh?

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