Dune: Timothée Chalamet compares the saga to Harry Potter

Very little is missing for the debut of the new adaptation of Dune in Italian cinemas and, in these hours, Timothée Chalamet, the actor who plays the young Paul Atreides in the film, has returned to talk about the saga of novels, comparing it in importance to that of Harry Potter.

Dunes like Harry Potter? The statement by Timotheé Chalamet

“It’s been nerve-wracking ever since the project was announced because there are fans of the book and fans of the David Lynch version, the computer game and the whole saga.” Chalamet declared on the pages of Deadline, on the occasion of the opening of the 78th Venice Film Festival, where the film will make its premiere. “There are many who love Dune. And much of our pop culture, movies and books comes from Dune and the philosophy of the book. I was shocked to learn how many people have a higher level connection to the novel. To me it’s comparable to what Harry Potter meant to our generation. Dune is not a difficult reading, but it is not made to be consumed so easily, I think it is fair to say “.

The actor then confirmed his intention to make a second film in the franchise (and we know that Denis Villeneuve also intends to make the adaptation of Messiah by Dune), talking about the role that Zendaya Coleman will have in the next film:

For sure, Chani will have a huge role in the next film. I don’t know if there is still a script, but based on the book, along with Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) they have a lot to do together, let’s put it this way

Dune, after the Venetian parenthesis, will arrive in Italian cinemas on September 16, 2021, so it doesn’t take long to find out if it will really be the film we all hope it will be.

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