Dungeons and Dragons 5E: the authors of Dragonlance announce a new setting

Tracy Hickman And Laura Hickman, the famous couple who gave life to the settings of Dragonlance and Ravenloft, have announced their new project: Skyraiders of Abarax, a setting compatible with Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition.

The manual will land on the platform Kickstarter already this fall!

The Hickmans, creators of Dragonlance, announce a setting for D&D 5E

The news, which was actually anticipated by some clue on Tracy Hickman’s twitter profile, was accompanied by the release of a official website of the project where it is already possible to subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated on its further developments.

For the moment, Skyraiders of Abarax is known to be a completely different setting from Dragonlance and, presumably, unrelated to Wizards of the Coast. From the first image we can indeed see flying ships, pirate clothes, a humanoid panther and… ah, right, there are also the dragons! The site defines the setting as a Sky-high Fantasy, and it will be possible to discover it through “magic books brought to life with the Living Tome System”.

In addition, by subscribing to the newsletter you receive a poem, just to begin to immerse yourself in the game setting!

Forsaken on the prison isle / Our Ancestors / broke from their chains and Keepers / to forge survival from their ruined past. / Yet our hearts sill are fixed upon / that empty horizon / above a treacherous sea / yearning for lands of which we’ve only dreamed. / Long centuries past / The Aeroships / Imperial enforcers of our exile / silently vanished form the skies. / To the winds, Buccaneers! To the Storm! / Skyraiders fly! / On dragon’s sylph to find our lost way back / to the mythic place called home!

The Hickmans are the authors who have given birth to two of the most loved locations by Dungeons and Dragons players: Dragonlance, which has also become the setting for a long and now iconic series of novels, e Ravenloft, the horror setting that gave birth to one of D&D’s most iconic villains, Strahd von Zarovich.


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