Dungeons & Dragons: New photos from the set reveal the “party” of the film

After taking a look at Hugh Grant is Michelle Rodriguez on the film set of Dungeons & Dragons, today is the time to admire some photos of the rest of the group of adventurers who will appear in the fantasy film.

New photos from the Dungeons & Dragons set

Thanks to the filming carried out at the castle of Carrickfergus, in Northern Ireland, several British newspapers, including RTE and the Daily Mail, have published photos of the cast on the set of the film. Among them it is possible to admire Sophia Lillis is Justice Smith in costume, along with Michelle Rodriguez carrying a very heavy looking battle ax.

Judging by the images taken, it looks like Lillis will play a tiefling in the Dungeons & Dragons movie, as her makeup features a pair of horns (for the uninitiated, tieflings are a race of playable RPG characters, with infernal or diabolical ancestors, which give them a devilish appearance).

Similarly, Smith’s costume consists of a short cape and belt with several bags and, considering that we know Chris Pine will play “a scoundrel” and Michelle Rodriguez looks like he’s going to be a barbarian, all of this suggests to us that Smith’s character might be a bard or, more likely, some kind of wizard.

Dungeons & Dragons plot and details

Here is the official synopsis of the film:

A former Harpist turned thief escapes from the prison where he was locked up with a barbarian. The two team up with a wizard and a druid to form a small team that will try to recover the loot resulting from a robbery from a crook and that allowed him to become Lord of Neverwinter. But the traitor is allied with a powerful wizard who has something far more sinister in store.

The cast of the Dungeons & Dragons film will be present Chris Pine, Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith, Sophia Lillis, Hugh Grant (the villain of the film) and Regé-Jean Page.

Hasbro / eOne and Paramount are jointly producing and financing the film. Jeremy Latcham is producing it through his deal with eOne, Hasbro’s entertainment industry division. Hasbro’s Brian Goldner is also among the names in the production.

The release date of the Dungeons & Dragons film has been set for March 3, 2023.

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