Dynabook Mobile Secure Client, a solution to facilitate hybrid work

Dynabook Mobile Secure Client is a tool whose main objective is facilitate hybrid work, minimize disruptions, and simplify management and security, making IT life easier. The latter is important, since in the end it means a significant release of the workload and a significant saving of resources.

To achieve your goals, Dynabook Mobile Secure Client offers a set of solutions that represent an important added value, and that Damian Jaume, president of Dynabook Europe GmbH, has explained with great success:

“With Dynabook Mobile Secure Client, organizations can easily deploy hybrid working, offering mobility, unrestricted experience and productivity within an ultra-secure VDI environment. We are seeing increasing demand for VDI within certain business segments and the Dynabook Mobile Secure Client caters to those customers. looking for management without interruptions, and with maximum securitywhile enabling the device flexibility and customization that users need to stay productive today.”

With Dynabook Mobile Secure Client it is possible obtain equipment perfectly adapted, from the factory, to the needs of each client. This means that we can enjoy preconfiguration services and also ongoing maintenance, with all that this entails in terms of cost and workload reduction. On the other hand, Dynabook Mobile Secure Client is designed to seamlessly adapt to existing infrastructuresand offers reinforced security that includes data protection thanks to the use of an encrypted IoT operating system, purging of RAM with each shutdown, secure boot with verification via server and additional protection at the BIOS level.

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But this is not all, Dynabook Mobile Secure Client also offers a certain degree of customization of the interface to adapt it to the needs of different companies and professionals. We know it will be available from july this yearand that it will be associated with 13-, 14- and 15-inch Dynabook computers with MIL-STD military-grade resistance certification.

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