Dynamic Island will be universal on the iPhone 15

Less than two weeks have passed since the presentation of the iPhone 14 with all its news, including Dynamic Island, the alternative to notch present since the iPhone X. In other words, there is still practically a year to go before the presentation of the future iPhone 15 takes place. And yet, just as we have been living in previous generations, we are already beginning to receive the first rumors and leaks of the future generation of the Apple smartphone.

In the absence of hard data, some analysts are pointing out that, again, Pro models (Pro and Pro Max) are capitalizing on much of the sales. Yes, it seems a bit early to be able to say something like that, given that they arrived on the market last Friday, but the waiting times, which are currently around four weeks in both the Spanish and US online stores, are can clearly be interpreted as a sign of very high demand. Even more so if we take into account that the availability of iPhone 14 is immediate.

For many months before its arrival on the market, we already saw the first rumors that the Pro models of this generation would mark the farewell to the notch, which has finally been replaced, as indicated at the beginning, by Dynamic Islandan oval island, located at the top of the screen (but not attached to the edge, but floating, as an island, as its name indicates) and that integrates the physical elements of the front camera (also responsible for Face ID) , along with a redesigned notification system, in an undoubtedly creative proposal, and that at least in the first instance seems to have been liked a lot.

Dynamic Island will be universal on the iPhone 15

In the current generation, this has been one of the differences that Apple has wanted to establish between the iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 Pro, since the latter have Dynamic Island, while the standard models still integrate the characteristic notch. However, as we can read in Softpedia, this division will disappear with the next generation, since all iPhone 15 models will have Dynamic Islandboth standard and Pro.

We can be sure, or as sure as we can be in a year’s time, that the next generation will repeat the models of the current one, that is, iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, it will be necessary to check the operation of the Plus model in the market, which occupies the place left by the iPhone Mini, a bet that arrived in the iPhone 12 generation and that, despite the fact that it seemed to make a lot of sense, commercially it did not arrive. to work as Apple expected. Will the Plus model, which was so successful in the iPhone 6 generation, revalidate that success? It makes sense to think so, but we can’t rule out surprises.

Be that as it may, and although there is still almost a year to go, we can already start thinking of the standard iPhone 15 and Plus as a version halfway between the 14 and the 14 Pro, with the Apple A16 SoC and Dynamic Island with the improved True Depth camera but, yes, according to the same leak, still without the OLED screen with LTPO technology and its up to 120 hertz. This, for now, will remain the exclusive heritage of the Pro models. Perhaps with the iPhone 16?

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