EA punishes those who used this cheat in FIFA 22 with 7 days without playing

A bug has been giving savvy players an advantage. Or rather … cheats. And it is that, apparently, some players realized that, if you pressed the Home button on PS4 / PS5 or the Xbox button on Xbox, and you accessed the console menu in the middle of the game, you could let yourself lose without the defeat being accounted for. And this, of course, was quickly used for Machiavellian purposes. As always.

The trick to always win in FIFA

If you could control that the losses did not count in your match record and that only the victories added up in your history, don’t you think that you would move up the division and earn many more coins in a simpler way? Well that’s what more than 30,000 users were taking advantage of it with the help of a bug that was present in FIFA 22.

As detailed in Eurogamer, the game, both in the PlayStation and Xbox versions, was not able to control the status of the player when the player went to the main menu of the system. If you jump into the system and do not move your players in FIFA, you are automatically disconnected from the game after a certain time (the same happens if you decide not to touch the controller to annoy the opponent), but for some reason, the game was not able to identify this jump to the system menu. Or if it did, no penalty was applied.

Infinite victories


The fact is that the players who realized this, decided to pass judgment in their own games, so in all those difficult confrontations in which the game was uphill, they decided to go to the main menu of the console, and wait for that the game will warn with the disconnection of the servers.

Once back in FUT mode, players could see how the loss record was still intact, so they only had to replay the play until they had the victory perfectly on track. This obviously had a single intention, and it was none other than to accumulate exclusively victories to obtain the highest number of coins and ranking points for the FUT Champions.

Punished without playing


EA could obviously observe how the accumulation of 20-0 wins It was repeated in numerous cases, so he found the problem quickly. As a punishment, the company has decided to ban all those players who made use of the glitch for 7 days, so they will be unable to participate in the FUT Champions this weekend.

As a curiosity, some users received a message from EA assuring that the ban would last a total of 1,000 days, something that caused more than a scare, but that EA has been quick to clarify, ensuring that it is a visual error that mixes the days. So it will continue to be 7 days of total darkness.

The worst of the matter is that the number of banned players exceeds 30,000 users, so it is once again clear that it is enough for a glitch to come to light for thousands of players to take advantage without taking care of the good atmosphere between players. Many players are expressing their disagreement on the networks, ensuring that the punishment is too light, and that even by cheating, they will be able to keep all the coins and bonuses obtained after using the glitch.

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