Earth will develop rings similar to Saturn’s, but they will be made of garbage!

Pollution is not a internal problem of the earth, as space debris begins to cause concern among the scientific community. Jake Abbott, a professor of robotics at the University of Utah, said the earth it could generate rings similar in appearance to those of Saturn but out of sheer garbage.

Space debris, also known as ‘debris’, is a type of anthropogenic pollution, which could increase when space tourism begins; at present it is produced by the missions and launches of new satellites. It is estimated that at present there are more than 27 thousand pieces of detectable large debris.

However, it is believed that there are many more debris too small to be tracked, but would be large enough to threaten spaceflight. NASA estimates that it hasand half a million rubble the size of a marble and around others 100 million of about one millimeter.

“Since both debris and spacecraft travel at extremely high speeds (approximately 25 thousand km / h in low Earth orbit), the impact of even a small fragment of orbital debris with a spacecraft could create big problems “, according to the US agency.

Is there a solution to this problem?

Abbott is a co-author of a study that was published last month in the journal Nature, in which it is detailed that the solution to space debris could be the use of magnets, to move it and then collect it. For those that are not magnetic, electricity could be used and, when exposed to the action of magnets, they will begin to rotate and activate the so-called eddy currents.

“Basically, we have created the first tractor beam in the world,” said Abbott, who concludes that building and launching it “is now just a matter of engineering.” But so far no space agency has externalized a serious concern For this problem.


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